Avengers Fans Are Being Too Hard On Star-Lord

Star-Lord Was Acting In-Character

The reality is that, however foolish Star-Lord's actions may have been in Avengers: Infinity War, they were perfectly in character. There's simply no way a man like Star-Lord could possibly react any differently in that specific situation. It's important to understand two factors that play an important part in Star-Lord's personality.

The first is Peter Quill's repeated experience of loss. Star-Lord lost his mother at an early age, but - crucially - he never fully processed those feelings of grief. It's true that many counselors recommend taking a sort of "grief vacation" after suffering a loss, but part of that is to allow yourself space to process your emotions in order to then return to everyday life. Within moments of his mother's death, Peter Quill was kidnapped by aliens and plunged into a fantastical world that bore no resemblance to life on Earth. He was able to avoid the painful truth that he had lost his mother, clinging on to everything he possibly could in order to feel as though she was still with him. And then, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the reality of his mother's death collided with the cosmic space-pirate lifestyle he had shaped for himself. He learned that Ego was his father - and that Ego had killed his mother. To describe this as a psychological trauma would be a considerable understatement. But notice that, even in the aftermath of Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2, Peter Quill still hasn't ever gone back to Earth.

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There's a sense in which Peter Quill is still a child, still avoiding dealing with pain and grief. He's lost himself in a role, leader of a band of space-mercenaries/superheroes. He's living a child's fantasy, escaping the pain of his mother's death. But now, in Avengers: Infinity War, death has intruded in his fantasy once more. And this time around, there's no going back; the reality of Gamora's death would be absolutely inescapable. If he goes to Earth, he is faced with his mother's death; if he continues to live in space, he'll forever be confronted with Gamora's. Peter Quill lacks the emotional maturity to deal with this.

The whole issue is complicated by the fact that Gamora asked Peter to kill her - and he failed. In the original script, the Russos imagined Star-Lord being unable to do it. Both James Gunn and Chris Pratt petitioned for a change to the script, for Star-Lord to actually be able to pull the trigger on the woman he loves. They were right to do so; this is a moment that marks Peter Quill as a true hero. Unfortunately for the galaxy, Thanos had already acquired the Reality Stone, and all Peter's gun did was emit a stream of bubbles. Now imagine the complex emotions Star-Lord is feeling: guilt, for being unable to fulfill his promise to Gamora; an utter, complete loss of control, in that the most painful decision of his life had been rendered meaningless. Remember that he has no way of knowing just how Gamora died. He's heard tales of Thanos's brutality, and learning that the Mad Titan has killed her causes all these complex emotions to flare. Star-Lord wants revenge. He wants to lash out in pain. He wants to make Thanos suffer, to be the cause of Thanos's suffering, to make him feel the raw edge of pain that feels like a knife in his own gut. And so Peter Quill loses it.

It's easy to vilify Star-Lord, but the reality is that his actions are both perfectly in-character, and perfectly understandable. For fans to blame him for Avengers: Infinity War is to say he shouldn't really be a character at all.

Star-Lord's Freak-Out May Be Necessary - Or Inevitable

It's also important to remember that Doctor Strange had used the Time Stone to peer into millions of future timelines, and had only identified one "ultimate outcome" where the heroes won. Crucially, Star-Lord's plan - to take the Infinity Gauntlet away from Thanos - was not it. There are two possible reasons for that. The first is that there may simply not have been a single timeline in which Peter Quill did not freak out. His reactions are perfectly in-character, after all. It was only possible to restrain Thanos by using Mantis, but the moment she came in contact with the Mad Titan, Mantis would inevitably reveal Gamora's death.

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The second problem, though, is that Thanos is no lightweight even when he doesn't bear the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. As such, it's one thing to tear the Infinity Gauntlet away from him; it's another to keep it away from him. Had the heroes succeeded in pulling the Gauntlet off his hand, Thanos would simply have pursued them relentlessly. Remember that, in the MCU, Thanos only taps into the power of the Infinity Stones when he clenches his fist. That means that all those scenes where he's taking hits but his hand is open actually indicate just how tough, just how resilient, Thanos really is. Even without the Infinity Gauntlet, there's no guarantee that Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and half of the Guardians of the Galaxy could defeat him. And if they fell, he'd simply get the Infinity Gauntlet back. The reality is that Star-Lord's plan was never going to work. Doctor Strange knew that; he tried it anyway, perhaps hoping he was wrong, but swiftly learned that his vision had been true.

All this means that Star-Lord really shouldn't be blamed for the horrific end of Avengers: Infinity War. Peter Quill simply acted perfectly in-character, and did exactly what Doctor Strange had foreseen him doing. The heroes' defeat on Titan was inevitable. Only one being is truly responsible for what followed; Thanos, the Mad Titan himself.

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