Avengers: Infinity War Spot Teases Star-Lord vs. Iron Man Fight

The hype for Avengers: Infinity War is already at fever pitch, but Marvel's marketing department has just managed to raise the bar a little further above boiling point. Just two weeks away from world wide release, another TV spot has surfaced. There's literally only 30 seconds of footage to digest, and the majority of it is just clips from previous movies, but there are also several split-second shots of new footage for us to over-analyze - and one of those split-second clips teases a confrontation between Iron Man and Star-Lord.

We can't resist the urge to go frame by frame, soaking it all in. The hope of finding a clue that might give away some interesting info is half of the fun anyway, and this Infinity War teaser doesn't disappoint. For all of the truly obsessive Marvel fans out there, if you paused somewhere around 0:24 seconds into the Legacy TV spot, you'll find a flash of a scene between Star-Lord and Iron Man. It literally lasts less than a second, but it almost certainly looks like they're locked in combat... or possibly a very hostile, unfriendly hug.

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The only other trailer shot before this directly involving interaction between Chris Pratt and Robert Downey Jr.'s Marvel characters has been full of banter, though it did tease a rivalry of egos as Peter denigrated Tony's plan-making abilities. Just from those few seconds of comedic relief it's pretty certain that these two are sure to make people laugh out loud, but apparently they'll also get into a bit of a brawl as well. Check out the screenshot below:

Iron Man vs Star Lord in Avengers Infnity War

We do know that Tony Stark is prone to getting into disagreements, especially with heroes from beyond this galaxy. In the very first Avengers movie, he and Thor got into a one-on-one that almost goes all the way bad, until Captain America arrived to break it up. Since we know that the focus of Avengers: Infinity War is supposedly the fight against Thanos, it's safe to assume that this tussle with Star-Lord could easily be something of a similar nature: a brief misunderstanding when the Guardians first arrive, perhaps.

There's also the chance that somehow, during the process of trying to protect the wellbeing of the entire planet, Iron Man and Star-Lord have more than just a simple misunderstanding. It's not completely outside the realm of possibility, but it definitely is, at this point, pure speculation. Almost nobody knows exactly what the Russo brothers have hidden up their sleeves when it comes to this movie, which has been surrounded by an unprecedented level of secrecy.

The fact that movies like Avengers: Infinity War can even drum up this much anticipation is a testament to Marvel and the world that has been built over the past ten years of movies. On April 27th, Thanos will face off against the Avengers while diehard and casual fans alike pack in to enjoy the magic. The only the that we can (mostly) be sure about when it comes to Infinity War, is that it will be an epic to remember.

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