Did Infinity War Trailers Already Reveal The Soul Stone?

WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War


With fans searching for the Soul Stone in The Avengers: Infinity War, we have a theory it's already been revealed. Not in a prior Marvel movie, since the studio seems to have kept it under wraps until now. Even as the other Infinity Stones have been revealed one by one. By the time he steps on the scene, Thanos will have enough Infinity Stone powers to defeat the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and whoever else may stand against him.

And yet... the mystery of the Soul Stone is impossible to ignore. Especially now that the comic book prequel to Infinity War says the Soul Stone is the biggest threat to Marvel's heroes. Which leads any fan actually paying attention to ask one question, repeatedly, until someone at Marvel answers: where is the Soul Stone hiding in the MCU? The physical location of the final Infinity Stone is still difficult to predict. But after taking a closer look at the trailers for Avengers: Infinity War, we have a theory for how the Soul stone is going to be used.

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It may not be the most violent of the Infinity Stones, or give Thanos the biggest power boost in battle. But if the Soul Stone twist is what we suspect, then fans have already seen it in the trailers. If not the object itself, then what's inside of the Soul Stone.

This Page: Infinity War's Mysterious, Orange, Battle Planet

Infinity War's Big Thanos Battle

By now most fans of The Avengers will recognize the above planet, and unknown world in the Marvel Universe that's about to be rocked in a cosmic conflict. The orange-hued atmosphere of the planet made it stand out in the first trailer, but the action soon shifted down to what appears to be its surface. Rocky, orange, and home to an impressive spaceship crash. Followed soon after by the arrival of Thanos in the flesh.

The planet is also cemented in MCU history for marking the official reveal of Thanos (as portrayed by Josh Brolin in the form and visual effects of his own actual film, not a cameo in another MCU feature). Going by the evidence in the marketing, Thanos uses the Space Stone to create a portal onto the planet. Taking a few steps out of the same blue-hued hole in space seen in The Avengers, Thanos takes in his surroundings.

Again, judging by the color scheme and rocky landscape of the planet and shots that follow, surroundings which include Iron Man, Spider-Man, and presumably a few more Avengers (and possibly even Guardians).

The marketing for Infinity War has featured a few key shots from this action set-piece, and fans also are aware by now that the fight doesn't go in the heroes' favor. A few shots which stand out include Iron Man's new Infinity War armor (seen above) being punched to the ground in one blow. And even worse news: a shot of Thanos putting the hurt on Spider-Man. A hurt bad enough to leave Peter Parker prone, apologizing to Tony Stark. And to the truly fearsome MCU fans out there, perhaps even enough to remove Spider-Man permanently.

Some of the secret Infinity War footage from Comic-Con even showcased the Guardians of the Galaxy cast on the planet as well. But considering how Tony is left distraught in the trailer's darkest moments, the fight may go poorly no matter who is on hand to fight. After all, Thanos has the Power and Space Stones by then. But if the fight seem to have the air of finality to it... then the fact that Thanos doesn't seem to possess the Soul Stone by then gets even stranger.

Unless, and this is a theory based only on what has been shown of Infinity War and the comic book version of the Infinity Stones, these very scenes show the Soul Stone in action? Well, less the Stone itself and more of the world it allows its master to rule over. An orange world. a Soul World.

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