Avengers: Infinity War Stars Get Solo Character Posters

The stars of Avengers: Infinity War each get the spotlight in new character posters. Marvel Studios is ramping up the marketing campaign for Infinity War. After delivering two trailers and moving the release date up, there's less than a month till the movie hits theaters. That would typically mean press screenings are right around the corner, but Marvel's being especially secretive with this blockbuster. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo even just shared a note with everyone online asking to be mindful of others and not post spoilers.

Fans have long been expecting for the arrival of Thanos to bring the end to some of the most beloved heroes' time in the MCU. So, while Infinity War is a celebration of what Marvel Studios has accomplished, it is also a one-time extravaganza for this particular cast. With so many stars stuffed into one movie (and on the posters), they each individually get a time to shine now.

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Marvel Studios' official social media accounts, as well as those of the actors, rolled out brand new solo character posters for Avengers: Infinity War today. Most major characters are featured on their own but some notable ones are missing (or have yet to be revealed), leading to an incredible total of new marketing materials. You can check out each of the new character posters in the gallery below:

[vn_gallery name="Avengers: Infinity War Character Posters" id="1224497"]

This is actually a major departure from the rest of Marvel's marketing strategy when it comes to Infinity War. While solo posters are extremely common when it comes to major motion pictures, Marvel's largely decided to keep the heroes paired up throughout the marketing campaign for Infinity War. They did split some of them up for EW's Infinity War spread, but even then that was part of a bundle where all the different covers joined together to form one massive image.

The constant thread in how Marvel has promoted Infinity War is by utilizing the character crossovers. Thor and the Guardians have been together in almost everything, just like Doctor Strange and Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow, Vision and Scarlet Witch, and so on. Those previous tendencies played towards how the film is going to be executed, as Thanos' arrival leads to the formation of a bunch of different superhero teams, not just one massive roster.

More than anything, these posters are a great excuse for Marvel to remind everyone of how star-studded the Infinity War cast truly is. The latest one-sheets offer the best look at the film's individual players yet, and a welcome improvement on some of the wonky photoshop that has plagued previous Infinity War marketing materials.

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Source: Marvel Studios

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