Avengers: Infinity War Set Photo Teases Mysterious Location

Thanos in Avengers Age of Ultron

Production is well underway on Avengers: Infinity War and the latest set photo tease features a mysterious location. Marvel Studios kicked off production on their most ambitious project yet at the beginning of the year and has left Joe and Anthony Russo working tirelessly to deliver on the promise of not only Infinity War, but also Untitled Avengers. They've so far filmed with a variety of cast groupings such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vision/Scarlet Witch, many of them together in the UK, and most recently with a Wakandan focus.

Throughout it all, the locations of these scenes have varied. The film has primarily been shooting in Atlanta and UK, but also traveled to New York recently, and now appears ready to finish in Atlanta. Through these settings and casting calls, New York, possibly Asgard, unknown reaches of space, and Wakanda can be accounted for, which makes it difficult to pinpoint what precisely this latest tease is for.

The infamous Russo_Brothers Twitter account that started up during Captain America: Civil War is back for only its second tease related to Infinity War. As shown in the photo below, the latest image in question is much more clear in focus than any of the previous teases, and offers up a look at a possible technologically advanced or secure location.

— Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) June 14, 2017

The immediate instinct is that this could be part of Thanos' vault that he was shown entering at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron where he housed his own Infinity Gauntlet and finally decided to do this himself. The vault does have a similarly circular door and is wildly complex based on the brief pieces of it that can be seen. However, why Infinity War would be filming in this location is rather odd. Thanos already has taken the Gauntlet out and the setting that was entirely CGI before, so it would not make sense to build a set for this unless the heroes are here as well.

Another possibility could be a hint at a further exploration of Wakanda. With Boseman currently on set, Wakandan landscapes being hinted at, and most recently Danai Gurira being confirmed to appear, this photo could be part of whatever scenes they are filming. That is only possible if we operate under the assumption that this photo was just taken and not something the Russos have been waiting to release, which doesn't seem very likely.

Then again, since the photo only discloses this mechanical half-circle, the image itself could be meant to trick everyone into thinking it is something much larger - such as a location - when it is actually some sort of prop. The way the circle is almost divided into stripes is similar to Captain America's shield, but the material it is made out of is much more complex than simply vibranium. So, unless it's some super version of that shield, that's probably unlikely. Clearly the photo could mean a number of different things, but all we have is speculation now as we won't know for sure until next year.

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Source: Russo Brothers

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