Avengers: Infinity War Will Focus More on Secondary Characters

Captain America: Civil War co-director Joe Russo says Avengers: Infinity War and Marvel Phase 4 will focus more on secondary characters.

Secondary Avengers

Speaking during a Q&A session at Wizard World Comic-Con New Orleans this weekend, Captain America: Civil War directors Anthony and Joe Russo teased the next two Avengers movies which they're already developing. After their work on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Russos landed the job of not only handling the studio's biggest ensemble piece to date in Civil War, but also Marvel's two largest, cosmic-heavy Avengers projects as well.

During their talk, the brothers and co-directors mentioned that at the moment there's a board with 67 Marvel characters on it set to have a role to play during Avengers: Infinity War, and now we have a little more insight on how that's going to work in terms of screen time.

With an event this big, a culmination of three phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe conflicts, events, and origin stories, it's just not possible in the running length of one or two movies to give dozens of characters meaty story arcs. This event only works because most, if not all of these characters are established icons who TV viewers and moviegoers will have met before. Many of these heroes and villains will have had multiple appearances in TV series and other films, so it works on another level. Where traditional war movies see an ensemble of soldiers who each get their own moments and personality traits, in Infinity War, these soldiers will be substituted for recognizable superheroes who've already been seen fighting the good fight... and seen on toy shelves.

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But things will change. Team rosters will evolve, and some characters may see their stories come to an end. Speaking during that same Q&A, Joe Russo hinted at that different future and how Avengers: Infinity War will place more focus on the heroes we've yet to see headline their own projects.

"Everything is finite, right? Nothing can last forever. It's cyclical. Some New Avengers in phase 4 are going to become prominent and then maybe some Avengers might not be around anymore. So, we'll see how all this plays out but you have to treat every character with respect. I think it's interesting that if you've seen four or five movies with the lead character having an arc, I want to see some story telling from some of the secondary characters. We're focusing on that right now with Infinity War while we're breaking into those movies, is which characters can we pull to the forefront who potentially haven't had their own 'A' story arc to this point. I think you'll see that the supporting Avengers are going to become primary Avengers."

A year ago, it was easy to tell who was likely going to be out of the picture after Avengers: Infinity War based on the contract lengths of Marvel's top actors. Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., etc. were all done with Avengers 3. But everything changed with RDJ signing on for additional movies, including Captain America: Civil War and if rumors prove true, the Spider-Man reboot. We suspect he may be around in the long haul serving as a supporting player for the bigger picture stories.

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