Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie & Winston Duke Interview: Infinity War

Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson and Winston Duke’s M’Baku could not represent a stranger trio of allies, but when the fate of the world is at stake, there’s no telling who you’ll end up standing next to you. As the three of them fight for Wakanda and the world, they are thrown into the mix in ways they never believed possible. Screen Rant caught up with the actors as they prepared for the world premiere of Avengers: Infinity War.

Screen Rant: First question is if you as fans could be any other character and you can't be yourself, so would you be?

Sebastian Stan: I would be the raccoon...Rocket.

Winston Duke: I’m going for Groot.

Anthony Mackie: I would be Spider-Man because I could make that movie much better than Tom Holland.


SR: So the Jabari are reluctant to technology in Black Panther themselves. How does meeting an alien race effect that and how does that alter the Jabari's belief system going forward?

Duke: That is a big question. I think they’re showing up and...that is a big question. I’m not able to really answer that one.

SR: So Anthony, this is the first time onscreen you're reunited with Rhodie, War Machine, since the mishap in Civil War. Does he hold a grudge at all and is it addressed? And how does your character feel about it?

Mackie: He don't hold a grudge, but I do because he was coming against me and I had to let him know when you come against me, that's what happened because I'm a trained straight up military vet. You know what I mean? You come towards Falcon, you're going to get smacked down and that's what happened in them streets.

SR: That was like a wrestling promo against War Machine there...look at that!

SR: Sebastian, questions for you. You've been Steve's longest friend. Why or why don't you deserve to pick up the shield?

Stan: You know the thing about this film, something like that is that the thing about this film is that “Benadryl Cumberbatch” did this thing with his arms that were really specific and I'm really looking forward to seeing that on the IMAX screen.

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in Captain America

SR: Did some things with his arms?

Stan: Something to think about.

Mackie: When Broham Cumberbatch steps onto camera, things shutdown.

Stan: I like Bernard, he's nice.

SR: This is the first time you're going to be in Wakanda seeing a Wakandan sunset and Black Panther did not shy away from any of the social or political issues that are going on in the world right now. So what does the Falcon think about Wakanda and seeing his first Wakandan sunset.

Mackie: I'm very excited about seeing the beach in Wakanda. I hear it's warm, a stupendous, beautiful golden pink sands and I'm going to take it in for all it's worth because Wakanda is a beautiful place.

SR: If you guys could have one Infinity Gem, you gotta take the good with the bad which one Infinity Gem would you choose?

Stan: The Time Stone

Duke: The Power Stone.

Mackie: The Brother Stone.

SR: Is that the Soul Stone?

Mackie: As soon as Thanos get the Soul Stone, he’s like “What's going down fellas?" The Soul Stone.

SR: So if you had to sum this film up in a hashtag, what would that hashtag be?

Duke: #BradleyCumberbatch

Stan: #Beware

Mackie: #InfiniteWarOfInfiniteProportions. That’s the longest hashtag ever.

SR: I'm super excited for this film. Thank you so much.

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