Avengers: Infinity War's SDCC Poster Contained Secret Spoilers

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The Avengers: Infinity War poster from San Diego Comic-Con 2017 actually contains a number of spoilers for the Marvel Studios film. Although it has been two weeks since the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel fans still spend countless hours wracking their brains over what happened in that movie, as well as creating theories about what they knew might happen before it premiered in theaters.

When fans go back and look at trailers for Infinity War, they will now pick up on some tiny details, things that would prove to later mean something more in the greater picture of that film's story which had Thanos actually achieving his goals. Although fans may have suspected that Thanos would win all along, many still held out hope that the first Infinity War movie would not end on such a grim note. Before the movie released, though, there was a lot of speculation about what would happen. Fans studied movie posters and trailers for clues, but it wasn't until after they saw the movie that the clues actually made sense.

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One fan on Reddit, with the username aliyaghi, posted the SDCC Avengers: Infinity War poster and pointed out a series of clues that most fans missed. Some of these graphical hints make complete sense, although some are a little reaching. But it's still uncanny how much Marvel gave away in its poster, all the while knowing that no one would get it until after the movie came out.

For example, at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor was missing an eye. But the poster shows him with both eyes, suggesting that he had that fixed at some point, which he did. The design also put Gamora toward the front of the poster without the Guardians, which might have seemed odd at the time. Fans now know, though, that Gamora played an important part in how Thanos gained the Soul Stone. Plus, she was separated from the rest of the Guardians early on. Finally, the poster puts Tony Stark and Nebula together. That certainly seemed like a weird pairing, and yet, they did eventually come together in the film. Also, by the end of the movie, they're the only two left on Titan, so they'll need to work together in order to get to Earth. Some of the other details seem more like trying to make certain aspects of the poster mean something when they don't, but these three details definitely make sense.

It seems like Marvel spoiled much of the movie in the SDCC poster without actually spoiling it. Without context, these little things don't mean anything. But after seeing the movie, fans will look at this graphic in an entirely different way. Now, though, fans will be moving on to trying to figure out the secrets behind Avengers 4, because at this point, no one has any idea of how the Avengers can defeat Thanos and bring back their fallen comrades.

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Source: aliyaghi/Reddit

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