Avengers: Infinity War - New Details On 6 Month Scotland Shoot

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Over the past few years, Marvel Studios has set up base camp for almost all of their films in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks to a city that can double for almost anywhere else in the world and Pinewood Studios providing an abundance of sound stages and green screen to work with, almost every MCU movie passes through Atlanta at some point. This has resulted in some precise scheduling in the past - Spider-Man: Homecoming began filming there the day after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wrapped.

For the last month or so, Marvel has had Avengers: Infinity War filming in Atlanta as well, but the production is soon set to head to Scotland. Not much has been known about the British leg of the shoot since it was first reported back in early January - either in terms of length or what's been filmed - but with cameras set to start rolling soon, some new details have emerged.

Omega Underground has found a new casting call that seems to suggest Infinity War will be filming in Scotland for the next six months. To make matters more interesting, the call includes a section for people 4'9" or shorter, which could point to Peter Dinklage's character and his planet being featured during this portion of filming.

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It wasn't known for how long Infinity War would be in Scotland, but that it's for such an extensive period is certainly surprising. Whatever city or planet Marvel is using Scotland as a placeholder for should have a large role in the next two Avengers films, and that could bode well for Dinklage's screen time.

Upon his rumored involvement, fan speculation was quick to attach him to the role of Pip the Troll, a character closely associated with Adam Warlock in the comics. However, Eitri the Dwarven King has also been a popular choice, and the Scottish location and casting call could shift expectations in this direction - it would be a fair fit for his homeworld of Nidavellir. This is even more likely as concept art for Infinity War has already shown Thor wielding a new weapon; rumors point to Thor losing Mjolnir during Thor: Ragnarok, so if he is to join the fight against Thanos, traveling to Nidavellir to ask his old acquaintance for a new weapon would make sense. If other characters are also involved outside of Thor, then it is possible they too get special armor or weapons to prepare for the battle - especially if they are beaten by Thanos initially.

Of course, the entire six-month shoot is not solely going to involve Dinklage's character, so it will be interesting to see what other locations Scotland ultimately stands in for, and what cast members are involved.

Source: Omega Underground

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