Robert Downey Jr. Shares A Cool Avengers: Infinity War Set Video

Robert Downey Jr. shares a great behind-the-scenes look at the making of Avengers: Infinity War's fight in New York. In the lead up to Infinity War, one of the greatest draws of the event was the team ups that it would feature. Throughout the production and the marketing, a few distinct groups and relationships emerged that would be the throughlines of the movie. One of those pairings was that of the "facial hair bros," Downey's Tony Stark and Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange.

The duo went on a cosmic journey that saw conflicting ideas at play. However, before they got to the endgame, they actually had to meet for the very first time. This happened very early on in the movie and put them side-by-side (along with Bruce Banner and Wong) as Earth's first line of defense against two members of the Black Order, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. The battle is big and Downey's now shared a BTS video of the filming process.

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Posted on his Instagram, the MCU's biggest star showed what it was like filming a portion of that scene on the streets of Atlanta. The video is especially revealing to those who've seen the movie, as Downey is acting in the scene despite the actual film featuring Tony in his latest nano-tech Iron Man suit, which is some of the "movie magic" he refers to in the caption.

Infinity War is the latest MCU movie to not require Downey to wear an actual Iron Man suit and instead puts the responsibility on the visual effects artists to plant the suit in after the fact. While they aren't completely visible in these takes, set photos from Infinity War reveal that his suit also has some motion capture dots in place. This means that the Iron Man shown on the screen (at least in some cases) is actually using Downey's physical on-set performance to dictate the movements. So, even though Downey's face may not be visible in some of these scenes, it appears it is still actually him.

While this could make things more complicated in post-production, using Downey for motion-capture was especially important because of the nano-tech suit. As shown later in the movie, Stark can tell the tech to move from one part of his body to another. In his final showdown with Thanos, Stark repositions the nano-tech to give his arms more cover instead of his legs, and eventually leads to his face being shown too. Should Tony continue to use this technology in Avengers 4 (and maybe beyond), then this could be the standard way for Downey to film - at least until the next technological breakthrough.

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