Avengers: Infinity War Fan Art Improves Hawkeye-less Poster

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in The Avengers

Fans have taken it upon themselves to improve Avengers: Infinity War marketing materials by adding plenty of Hawkeye to posters. Marvel's upcoming blockbuster has been dominating the zeitgeist for the past week, with new details coming through via EW's cover story and all the set visit interviews. After much waiting, fans were finally treated to the full Infinity War trailer today, and it's safe to say viewers like what they see. Already, the film broke records in regards to its ticket pre-sales.

If there's any complaint about Infinity War at this point in time, it's that Hawkeye is nowhere to be seen. One of the founding Avengers is getting the Luke Skywalker treatment, completely absent in the trailers and other promotional items. Jeremy Renner's name wasn't even included on the theatrical poster - an error some fans looked to rectify in humorous fashion.

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Some edits of the latest one-sheet have gone viral, placing everyone's favorite archer front and center as a way of reminding viewers Clint Barton is an integral figure in this franchise. Check out some of the best ones in the space below.

Leaked set photos have shown Renner filming scenes in his all-new Ronin getup, confirming he is part of this monumental cinematic event. However, since Infinity War and Avengers 4 were shooting back-to-back, it's possible a majority of Renner's scenes are for next summer's installment. Since he's essentially an afterthought this time around, his role in Infinity War should be rather minuscule. A prelude comic revealed Clint had decided to retire and settle down with his family (which was introduced in Age of Ultron), so he's no longer active when Thanos comes to wipe out Earth. Obviously, something pulls him back into the fray, but it's apparently a surprise being saved for later. In the meantime, all Hawkeye fans have for proof he's in Infinity War is a toy bow and arrow set.

Of course, one can make the case it's for the best Hawkeye is being held back. Infinity War is already juggling an ensemble of more than 70 characters while integrating plot threads from every previous MCU movie. The scope of this film is so massive, there simply may not be room to add Clint to the mix, as it would run the risk of underserving him. Building off of Civil War and Hawkeye's reaction to those events, the filmmakers quite naturally had different characters react to the shifting landscape in different ways. Joe and Anthony Russo promise Clint is "on his own journey," and it won't be much longer until we find out what that is.

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