Infinity War Projected to Possibly Break Star Wars' Opening Weekend Record

New projections for Avengers: Infinity War's opening weekend predict possibly the biggest opening ever. Marvel Studios is nearing the release of Infinity War, and there's yet to be an indication that its going to be anything but a massive hit. The movie sees nearly every character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe collide to battle Thanos, crossing over basically ever MCU franchise in the process. With some stellar trailers added on, the hype for Infinity War has only grown.

The high interest is looking like it will pay off big at the box office too. Early projections pegged Infinity War's opening weekend at $215 million, good for the third biggest opening domestically of all-time. However, official studio projections came in just under, predicting a $200 million+ opening. The latest figures though are even higher.

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Box Office Pro now has Avengers: Infinity War projected to open between $235-$255 million during its opening weekend. Depending on how strong of legs Infinity War has, the site also projects a total domestic haul between $565-$650 million. The latter would put Infinity War in similar territory as The Avengers, but actually still be behind Black Panther.

As the release draws closer, the more it is expected for Infinity War to not just be big, but actually set the record for the biggest opening weekend ever. Star Wars: The Force Awakens currently holds that title at $247.9M, so Infinity War will need every bit of these projections to top it. Even if it falls shy, there's little doubt now that it will be Marvel Studios' biggest opening ever, and by at least $20 million based on these projections.

Even though official box office numbers are still weeks away, there's evidence to back up Infinity War doing massive numbers. Its ticket pre-sale numbers are sky high, breaking the record for tickets sold in the first 24 hours in just six. The momentum hasn't slowed down since though. The latest pre-sales figures not only had Infinity War doubling up Black Panther's tickets, but also outselling the last seven MCU movies combined.

With Infinity War all but guaranteed to have a massive opening (assuming Marvel Studios delivers and it gets good reviews), Marvel could have their sights set on a worldwide record too. The studio surprised everyone when they moved Infinity War up a week so it released on the same day worldwide. While it may have been to help protect spoilers, there's also a good chance for Infinity War to now go down as one of if not the biggest global openings ever. Fate of the Furious currently holds that title with $541.9M, but with all major territories (except for China) getting the movie on April 27, there's no telling just how big Avengers: Infinity War can be.

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Source: Box Office Pro

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