Avengers: Infinity War Directors Tease Nomad Captain America

Avengers: Infinity War directors are teasing Chris Evans' transformation from Captain America to the Nomad. With the long-awaited film only a few weeks away, all the new promos and clips have been giving fans plenty more content to dissect and establish new theories out of - but some older theories continue to linger, such as the one that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America but rather the Nomad in Avengers 3.

The Russos Brothers' Captain America: Civil War not only marked the end of Marvel's Captain America solo trilogy but also concluded Steve Rogers' tenure as one of the franchise's oldest superheroes, Captain America. After his heartbreaking fight with Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man towards the end of the film, Rogers dropped his shield and disappeared with Sebastian Stan's Bucky. It was in that moment that he relinquished his title of Captain America. But that also left the door open for him to become someone else in Infinity War, which many comic book fans presume to be the Nomad. This is has been the primary theory ever since the first Infinity War poster debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 - but it's also a theory that has never been expressly confirmed... until now.

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Anthony and Joe Russo posted a new image on their Instagram account today (below) both confirming and teasing Chris Evans as the Nomad in Avengers: Infinity War. The cropped image was taken from a poster created by digital artist Tj Kiszka, who posted the full image on Instagram a week ago. Take a look:

For those that don't know, Nomad is a moniker that has been used by a variety of characters over the years in Marvel Comics, but it all started with Steve Rogers assuming the name in Captain America #180 way back in 1974, created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Sal Buscema. And just like what happened between the events of Civil War and Infinity War, in the comics, Steve picks up the name after he lets go of his life as Captain America - costume and all. Plus, Steve even has two new shields in Infinity War, something he got from his new, technologically-advanced friends in Wakanda.

While Marvel Cinematic Universe fans may have a difficult time letting go of Steve Rogers as Captain America, it's worth noting that he's not the only person to have been Captain America. Numerous characters have carried that mantle in the comics, including both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Either one of them can become the new Cap in the MCU's Phase 4 or beyond. After all, Chris Evans confirmed that he's done with Marvel after Avengers 4, as are plenty of other MCU superhero actors and actresses. The battle with Thanos marks the end of the MCU's first saga, so it's understandable for them to give Steve Rogers a way to move on from Captain America and leave the name behind for the next generation.

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