Avengers Fan Reveals How To Ring In The New Year With Infinity War

A helpful Marvel fan points out when one should start playing Avengers: Infinity War if they want to ring in the New Year with their favorite moments.

A helpful Marvel fan points out when one should start playing Avengers: Infinity War if they want to ring in the New Year with their favorite moments. According to most people, 2018 has been a pretty long year, and not just for America. While the controversial presidency of Donald Trump dominates the headlines stateside, many other countries also found themselves going through increased amounts of civil unrest and political upheaval. Yet, with every new year comes a chance to try and change things for the better, and 2019 will be no different.

In the land of pop culture, 2018 was quite eventful, with an abundance of huge franchise installments arriving in theaters. Some wowed audiences, while others earned a resounding meh, but there was certainly a lot of blockbuster entertainment to choose from this past year, including multiple superhero films. Marvel Studios unleashed 2018's big kahuna back in April, with Avengers: Infinity War going on to gross a massive $2 billion worldwide. Other studios saw big success stories too though. Fox scored a hit with Deadpool 2, Warner Bros.' Aquaman is currently riding a wave of cash, and Sony's Venom surprised many by becoming a worldwide juggernaut.

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Those who found 2018's selection of huge movies overwhelming better brace themselves for 2019, as the onslaught of blockbusters will be even bigger. For now though, it's getting close to the time when many will be celebrating the New Year's Eve festivities, whether it be with friends, family, or even people they've never met until tonight. Earlier today, Avengers fan @VSFalcon23 was nice enough to point out what times people should start watching Infinity War in order to ensure that their favorite moments from the film will occur precisely at midnight. That's certainly one fun way to celebrate the arrival of 2019. Obviously, it'll be too late to put this into action for anyone living in a timezone where midnight has already passed, or is getting very close. Check out the posted instructions below.

The moments cited above are a good selection of big happenings from Infinity War, of course beginning with Thanos' infamous Infinity Gauntlet-powered snap, resulting in the death of half the universe's population. That seems like an oddly genocidal note to want to start the year on, but everyone has their personal preferences. The most appropriate moment of the four is definitely Thor's triumphant arrival into the big Wakandan battle sequence, as it actually offers a glimmer of hope, unlike the other three scenes chosen.

Next April will see the theatrical release of Infinity War's secretive sequel, Avengers: Endgame. It's clear at least most of the heroes dusted by Thanos' snap will be resurrected by the end of that film, although how that will come about remains anyone's guess. After the darkness and despair that consumed so much of Infinity War, here's hoping Endgame offers fans a larger selection of happier moments to use to ring in 2020. Watching Peter Parker turn to dust as the clock hits midnight doesn't exactly scream "Happy New Year!"

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Source: @VSFalcon23/Twitter

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