Avengers: Infinity War Merchandise Reveals Another Villain Type [UPDATED]


UPDATE: It has seemingly been confirmed the villain is the leader of the Outriders. The original article follows.


Avengers: Infinity War could possibly introduce a new villain besides Thanos and his henchmen as brand new film merchandise features a character that we haven't seen before. In less than three months, everything that the MCU has been treading in the last 10 years finally culminates in the Joe and Anthony Russo directed flick. Gathering all heroes existing in the massive franchise, the ensemble event will also mark the introduction of the series' biggest and baddest adversary yet, the mad Titan Thanos.

Thanos may be the main big bad of Infinity War, and considering that he has been built up to be this all-powerful villain, we expected that he can take Earth's Mightiest Heroes all by himself. But that isn't the case, as he will rely on the help of his children, The Black Order: Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive, who will take on some of our heroes as part of their quest to gather all six Infinity Stones.  But as if the powerful henchman won't be enough, it looks like there will another villain in the mix which we have not yet heard of before.


The image of an official Infinity War tie-in mug courtesy of Redditor realityavengers has caused some fan commotion as it features a seemingly new character for the film. The creature joins Thanos' Black Order members' Ebony Maw and Proxima Midnight giving us the impression that he would likely be another foe for the Avengers. Check it out below:

It's difficult to pinpoint who exactly is this character considering that Marvel Studios has been taking the creative liberty to alter the appearances of their characters in the comics. At first glance, it's possible that he could be a graphic version of Cull Obsidian. But given that our only point of reference is his statue unveiled in last year's D23, it doesn't seem like he has any resemblance to the illustration. Some, on the other hand, suggest that this could be an Outrider - the humanoid creatures we saw attacking Wakanda - judging by the patterns on its chest. It could be a pack leader, wearing a headpiece which is a sign of his rank, similar to how the Chitauris differentiated soldiers from their commanders.

In any case, it's possible that it is actually an unannounced character. Aesthetically, it resembles but doesn't exactly look like quite a few Marvel creatures like Chitauri warlord, Warbinger, or foe-turned-ally, Ex Nihilo. The latter is created by Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena, the same duo (plus Jim Cheung) behind the Black Order which poses the possibility that the Russos may have considered him. How either of them fit in Avengers: Infinity War narrative is anybody's guess at this point (should they even be in the movie at all). Nonetheless, if it really is a new villain, we presume it has a significant part in the story considering that it's featured in the tie-in cup when confirmed heroes like Hawkeye are still nowhere to be seen in any promo materials.

Screen Rant has reached out to Marvel Studios for comment.

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