Avengers: Infinity War Directors Tease New Trailer Soon

The new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is just around the corner based on the latest tease from the film's directors. Joe and Anthony Russo are making their third and fourth films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and have been given the difficult task of ending Phase 3. It will come in a fashion unlike anything audiences have seen before as characters from across the MCU collide to battle Thanos (Josh Brolin). As evident by the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, this won't be an easy task for the beloved heroes to achieve.

Thankfully, Marvel surprised fans by announcing that the wait to see Infinity War wouldn't be as long as anticipated, and they've moved the movie up to the end of April. While great for those anxiously awaiting the movie, it also means that Disney's marketing machine has less time to promote the movie and the new date. After starting to unveil more details with Infinity War set visit coverage it appears the new trailer is in fact on the way.

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The Russo brothers took to Instagram to tease the upcoming release of the new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. The directors took a similar tactic in promoting the release of the first trailer, and did a three day countdown there. With this new tease, we don't get a countdown, but instead just a cryptic tease about a trailer coming.

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Considering Marvel's now promoting the movie with set visit reports (and we'll have more coverage soon), it may very well be leading to the release of the new trailer. Even though many expected Disney to release it last week to attach in front of A Wrinkle In Time, they used their latest film to promote two of their end of the year releases. Now with the "summer" blockbuster season starting to ramp up as Tomb RaiderPacific Rim Uprising, and Ready Player One hit theaters the next three weeks, releasing the trailer now further guarantees that plenty of people will see what it has to offer.

Whenever the trailer does arrive, it will be fascinating to see what it includes. The first trailer didn't give too much away (as far as we know), and Marvel is still leaving Hawkeye out of all marketing. Could the new trailer actually provide a look at the sharpshooter? Maybe. Or will the studio continue to focus on the very big threat Thanos is, possibly revealing the shot in motion of him hurling a moon they just released an image of. There's also the argument to be made that Infinity War doesn't even need to show new footage to promote the movie, and they could just rely on the MCU brand to carry it to success. Based on this tease, it doesn't appear that we'll have to wait long to see which route Marvel ultimately decides to go.

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