Nebula Has a New ‘BFF’ in Avengers: Infinity War

Karen Gillan as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Karen Gillan teases a new alliance between Nebula and a mystery character in next year's The Avengers: Infinity War. Few characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have had quite as unexpected of an arc as Nebula. After starting out as one of the main antagonists in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, the character returned in the sequel this year, where she was not only a thorn in the Guardians' side once again, but began to make her transition over from villain to reluctant hero. That was thanks to her time away from Thanos (Josh Brolin) and how her relationship with her adopted sister, Gamora (Zoe Saldana), continued to grow in its complexity.

Now, despite what many fans might have expected, Gillan is set to reprise her role as Nebula again next year in the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, where she and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy will come into contact with the Avengers and other Earth-based heroes for the very first time. And it looks as though Infinity War will have, among other things, at least a positive impact on Nebula's growing social circle.

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During a recent interview with Fandango, Gillan teased how Nebula's overwhelmingly negative attitude and outlook may or may not clash with the other characters in Infinity War, and even revealed that the film will feature the start of a strong friendship between Nebula and one of the film's other characters:

"I know who her new BFF is, and I can't tell you. I can't. I promise you it's brilliant and unexpected and just so good... I don't know about any frenemies. She is on a clear mission, as everybody is, to deal with someone with a glove, and I think that is the most important issue. So I think people are grouping together to take care of this task."

While the size of many characters' roles in the overall story of Avengers: Infinity War have remained mysteries over the past few months, Gillan's inclusion in the film has been one of the more notable to date. Not only was she one of the first cast members to begin filming on Infinity War back in January, but Nebula's shifting allegiances and always-raging internal conflict have made her one of the film's more prominent dark horses.

What makes this even more exciting is just how deceptively important of a character Nebula may turn out to be in the Infinity War conflict. Aside from just the character's role in the comics, her personal relationship and history with Thanos could make her one of the more vital forces fighting against him in the film, along with Saldana's Gamora. And seeing how she and Gamora react to facing off with Thanos' other children, The Black Order, could very well turn out to be one of Avengers: Infinity War's more interesting rivalries/dynamics.

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Source: Fandango

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