How Infinity War's Writers Would Fix the DC Cinematic Universe

Avengers: Infinity War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely offered their two cents on how Warner Bros. can right the course on the troubled DC Cinematic Universe. The age-old rivalry between Marvel and DC that started decades ago via comic books has now spilled over to the big screen as both companies have now launched their respective shared universes. However, as it currently stands, Marvel is dominating the movie side of things (although they've had the advantage of starting years ahead) while DC is still trying to get its footing.

While Markus and McFeely have only started to be recognized over the last few years,  the writing partners have long been working behind the scenes at Marvel Studios, starting all the way back in 2008 when they were hired to pen Captain America: The First Avenger. Since then, they've gone on to write four more movies - the last two Captain America sequels and Infinity War, as well as next year's still-untitled Avengers movie. So they pretty much know what goes into building a shared cinematic universe.

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Appearing on Fatman on Batman on YouTube, the writers were asked by Kevin Smith about their thoughts on how Warner Bros. should approach their franchise building for it to finally take-off the way they want it to. Markus advised them to look at the MCU "out of necessity," citing how Marvel Studios built their franchise on the back of technically B-list heroes. He suggested that they could explore DC's rich roster of characters and not solely rely on Batman and Superman. McFeely, on the other hand, has one simple suggestion - make a one good movie, adding "to quote Justice League, 'save one person'." - a call back to Batman's word of wisdom to a rattled Flash in the Zack Snyder-directed film.

2013's Man of Steel was the pioneering movie of the DC franchise, but it wasn't until 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that made it clear that Warner Bros. is building their own shared universe. The movie, unfortunately, proved to be divisive, as did Suicide Squad. And while Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman became a smash hit, the DCEU's progress hit a snag with Justice League which rolled out last November. Since then, the film series has yet to release another flick - the next one still a few months away in James Wan's Aquaman. Despite the hiatus, the film studio used the downtime to reorganize DC Films with IT and The Conjuring producer Walter Hamada named new president of production of DC Films, while Chantal Nong as vice president of production. It might take a while before fans find out whether the change in management will be for the DCEU's best, but for now, it gives them hope that this marks rebirth of the struggling franchise.

If anything, the DCEU has continued to garner positive publicity recently following the release of the first promotional shots for Wonder Woman 2 which confirmed the return of not only Gal Gadot's titular character, but also Chris Pine's Steve Trevor. It's followed by an extensive report offering details about other films on the docket such as Matt Reeves' standalone Batman film, The Flash and the DCEU-seperate Joker origins movie. Finally, fans' first look at Aquaman has also been released kicking of the marketing campaign for the Jason Momoa-led movie.

As for Markus and McFeely, the two will be back on set for the mandatory reshoots and additional filming for Avengers 4 during summer.

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Source: Fatman on Batman/YouTube

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