One Thing Infinity War's Writers Wish They Could Change

The writers behind Avengers: Infinity War wish they could've changed the amount of MacGuffins - objects, characters or other narrative devices that propel the plot along - the movie had. It took Marvel Studios ten years and eighteen movies to build towards Infinity War. They used their time (after The Avengers in 2012) well, introducing several Infinity Stones, and most importantly, setting up Thanos. Once Infinity War actually began though, audiences were fully introduced to Josh Brolin's Mad Titan and the levels of mayhem he could bring.

Thanos' goal all along has been to acquire all six Infinity Stones so he could do what no one else would: bring balance to the universe by wiping away half of its population. Right from the get go, Thanos is a step ahead of everyone else and already has the Power Stone. But, the fact that he had to secure all six stones is something the writers of Infinity War wish they could've changed.

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Speaking to The New York Times, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were asked about their process of crafting Avengers: Infinity War's script. In doing so, McFeely revealed what was one of the more challenging aspects of creating the film's structure, and that he and Markus would've changed this aspect if they were in charge. His quote can be seen below.

Had we started from scratch, we would not have chosen six damn MacGuffins. That’s not that helpful. It was difficult to get that all in.

MCU Thanos Infinity Stones

Most movies have one MacGuffin, if any at all, so them being tasked with stuffing six into a single movie is tough. However, with a smash n' grab approach, they were able to pull off Thanos' quest with relatively little hiccups along the way. It isn't even until the final moments of the film that Thanos finally has all six stones in his possession, and their finger-snapping ending left the possibilities for Avengers 4 as open as anything.

The difficulty of this task as expressed by Markus and McFeely though could explain why Thanos is already in control of the Power Stone when the movie begins. Infinity War already is Marvel's longest running movie at over two and a half hours, so including a sequence where Thanos, the Black Order, and the Outriders storm Xandar wouldn't have been a quick scene. Plus, since Thor explains he did this act a week or so before the events of the rest of the movie, it could've created a small time jump. It appears not including this sequence may not have only helped the movie, but also just helped ease the story for the writers.

Depending on how one looks at it though, with half of the universe and many of the MCU's heroes gone, rescuing them could possibly mean Avengers 4 ends up with even more MacGuffins. If that's the case, hopefully Markus and McFeely were able to get a handle on such a structure through Avengers: Infinity War.

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Source: New York Times

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