Not Being In Infinity War Marketing Was The Best Thing For Hawkeye

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige says Hawkeye's absence in the Avengers: Infinity War marketing is "one of the best things" that has happened to the character. Hawkeye's absence in the promotional campaign for Infinity War has indeed prompted much in the way of discussion among fans about what the character gets up to in the film, while his fellow MCU superheroes are doing battle with Thanos. While some fans have been genuinely worried about him, others have been treating it as a joke, with even Infinity War's directors (Anthony and Joe Russo) poking fun at Hawkeye's inexplicable absence.

For months, fans have been wondering about Hawkeye and his whereabouts as his old Avengers pals scramble to prepare for Thanos' arrival. Infinity War's prelude comic reveals that following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Clint returned home to his family and opted to live the laid-back farm life - something that he's been meaning to do since Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, with such a huge threat coming to Earth, it's hard to imagine that he will stay put while the rest of his teammates are risking their lives saving the world. People will have to wait a little longer to finally see him in any action again but based on the latest comments from Feige, the eventually payoff will be worth it for Hawkeye fans.

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Speaking with iO9 during Infinity War's press junkets, Feige addressed the issue in a surprising way, saying that Hawkeye's absence in the film's marketing is "one of the best things that ever happened" to the character:

 “We [at Marvel] love Hawkeye. There are big, big story things coming up for Hawkeye and Jeremy Renner is as strong an actor as anyone in the MCU and awesome as this character. But ‘The guy with the bow and arrow jokes’, right? There are a lot of ‘Guy with bow and arrow jokes.’ He even makes ‘Guy with a bow and arrow’ jokes in some of the movies. So I love that people go from ‘Oh, Hawkeye is just lucky to be there’ to ‘Oh where is he? He’s not there? Whats going to happen? We need Hawkeye. We want more Hawkeye.’ I love it. It’s the best.”

While the Russos' agree with Feige's sentiments, Joe added that the lack of Hawkeye in the marketing, as well as the film itself, boils down to the narrative that they want to tell. The directing duo has promised the marksman's fans that there is a pay-off for this decision, explaining that his absence is part of a "long play", which is perhaps code for the character assuming his Ronin persona. It remains to be seen how this all plays out, but at the very least it sounds like Clint should survive the events of Infinity War and go on to play a large role in Avengers 4.

The move has certainly kept people talking about Clint, which arguably wouldn't have happened if he had been part of Avengers: Infinity War's marketing. It's no secret that out of all six original Avengers, Hawkeye has had the shorter end of the stick, having been relegated to the sidelines to make more room for characters like Iron Man Thor and Captain America. But unlike Black Widow and Hulk, who both had their time on the spotlight (there's even a Black Widow solo movie in the works), the bow and arrow wielding hero remains arguably underdeveloped, despite the attempt to build his character with the introduction of his family in Age of Ultron.

Will that change with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4? Well, there are thankfully only a few days left until we get at least part of the answer to that question.


Source: iO9

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