25 Things That Make No Sense About Avengers: Infinity War


Infinity War is the movie we’ve all been waiting for. For the past six years, we were all teased with the appearance of the Mad Titan and the prospect of complete chaos and destruction.

Marvel installed fear and anticipation into a character who we barely even saw-- and they definitely didn’t fail to impress.

Avengers: Infinity War threw down the gauntlet and became one of the best Marvel movies to date.

During the two and half hour-long movie, fans were taken on an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs. We quickly saw the demise of some of favorite heroes and got an emotional backstory from a villain with a heart. It made us scream, it made us cry, and it made us yearn for more.

Infinity War did many things that no movie, let alone a Marvel movie, has ever done before. It showed the end of the universe, provided the end of an era, and put a villain on top.

With everything that was happening in the movie and all the emotions going through your mind, you most likely weren’t looking out for the gaps or odd occurrences in the movie. Lucky for you, though, we were taking notes.

So, get ready to have your mind blown, because here are the 25 Things That Make No Sense About Avengers: Infinity War.

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Thor: Ragnarok rumors tease Idris Elba's role as Heimdall
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25 Heimdall can see all of the realms but didn't see Thanos' ship coming

Thor: Ragnarok rumors tease Idris Elba's role as Heimdall

Heimdall is the all-seeing and all-hearing former guardian of the Bifrost Bridge. He has sensory capabilities that allow him to see and hear anyone and anything that is in one of the Nine Realms, hence why many people believed that he was in possession of the Soul Stone.

He was able to keep an eye on Jane Foster for Thor and could hear the Warriors Three and Lady Sif conspiring against Loki. However, despite his incredible sense of perception, he doesn’t see Thanos’ ship coming towards them in Thor: Ragnarok.

Heimdall is constantly looking over the Nine Realms, but he couldn’t see far enough to notice a giant ship heading their way.

With their former home in ruins and a fear of the unknown ahead, Heimdall definitely should have been scanning the horizon for any impending danger.

Instead, he led them straight towards danger. The Asgardians didn’t even need to defeat Hela if Heimdall was going to steer them to their doom anyways.

Not only was Heimdall not able to notice the ship, but neither was Loki. In The Avengers (2012), the God of Mischief said it's extremely rare for someone sneak up on him, which is how he saw Phil Coulson coming to attack him.

However, Thanos was able to hide from him in a giant spaceship. We guess Loki's skills of perception aren't as sharp as he thought.

24 Where are Valkyrie, Korg, and Miek?

During the beginning of the movie, we see a horrifying scene. The Asgardian ship, a symbol of hope for its people, was seen decimated by Thanos and the Black Order. Everyone was thrown out of the ship and their fate was in the hands of a vengeful villain.

We see a hopeless Thor being dragged by the almighty Mad Titan, Loki attempting to use his skills of deception, Hulk doing what he does best, and Heimdall laying on the floor.

However, we don’t see some of the other favorites from Thor: Ragnarok who were last seen on the same ship. The Asgardian warrior Valkyrie, the hilarious resistance leader Korg, and the insectoid fighter Miek were nowhere to be found.

Later in the movie, Thor tells the Guardians that Thanos “[destroyed] half my people.” So, are Valkyrie, Korg, and Miek with the other half who somehow survived? If so, where are they now?

When asked why she wasn’t in the movie, Tessa Thompson, the actress that plays Valkyrie, tweeted “they are at the bar…?”

This hilarious tweet references her character’s personality in Thor: Ragnarok. However, it doesn’t actually explain what happened to our favorite heroes. Will we learn what happened to them in Avengers 4, or will it remain a mystery?

23 Why does Heimdall choose to save Hulk and how does Banner remember his time as Hulk?

Thor: Ragnarok - Mark Ruffalo talks Hulk and Bruce Banner

As Heimdall’s last act of bravery, he uses his draining powers to summon the Bifrost Bridge and send Hulk back to Earth-- but why Hulk?

Thor and Loki were both in need of help, and Heimdall could’ve potentially sent both of them back, seeing how they were standing so close to each other, but he chose Hulk instead. He even sent Hulk to the exact spot that he needed to be.

Also, when Hulk arrived on Earth, he immediately changed back to Banner. Didn’t Banner say in Thor: Ragnarok that if he unleashed the Hulk, he’d have a tough time turning back into a human? It didn’t seem so hard to accomplish in Infinity War.

Not only did he change quickly, but Banner also retained his memory. Typically, when Banner transforms into the Hulk, those memories are completely lost to him when he awakens.

This happened when Hulk turned into Banner in Ragnarok. Once human again, Banner had no recollection of what had happened over the past two years.

However, in Infinity War, Banner had absolutely no lapse in memory. He immediately told Doctor Strange and Wong about Thanos’ arrival, the destruction of the Asgardian ship, and the Mad Titan’s ability to decimate planets.

22 Why couldn't Iron-Man and Spider-Man fly Ebony Maw's ship?

After Iron-Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange defeat Ebony Maw, they suddenly realize that they don’t have anyone to land the ship. They look for the ship controls and run into another problem– the controls are designed for someone bigger than them.

At this moment, the audience assumes that the ship controls were designed for Thanos’ arms. However, Thanos wasn’t on the ship before.

As soon as we see the ship leaving Earth, we get a quick glimpse of Ebony Maw with his hands in the controls directing the ship where to go. Now, Ebony Maw isn’t a large man at all. So, how could he fit into the control arms, but Iron-Man couldn’t?

Also, the ship was clearly running on autopilot to Titan. This is how Ebony Maw could torture Doctor Strange without flying the ship.

However, how could the ship be programmed to fly towards its destination but not programmed to land?

Unless there were no turns from Earth to Titan, this doesn’t sound feasible.

Lastly, how was Ebony Maw defeated so easily? When they were battling on Earth, Maw always had the upper-hand and knew exactly when Spider-Man and Iron-Man were trying to sneak up on him. Why didn’t he see or hear them before they got to him?

Iron Man even mentions “the kid” while he’s talking to him, so wouldn’t Maw have had time to react?

21 #JusticeforHawkeye? What About #JusticeforAntMan?

Prior to the release of Infinity War, fans scoured trailers and promo material for any information that could provide insight into the events of the movie. One thing that fans discovered on this hunt was that Hawkeye’s invitation to the Thanos party got lost in the mail.

This led to the hashtag #JusticeForHawkeye filling up Twitter feeds. Fans wanted to know why a certain member of the Avengers was nowhere to be found.

However, Hawkeye wasn’t the only Avenger missing from the trailers. Ant-Man also didn’t receive an invitation, but no one started a #JusticeForAntMan handle.

Anthony Russo said, “all will be explained when people see the movie.” However, their disappearance wasn’t fully explained.

The only mention of Hawkeye and Ant-Man was when War Machine said they accepted a deal with the government to protect their families. However, wouldn’t Hawkeye and Ant-Man return to the Avengers if they saw what was happening to the world?

Scarlet Witch saw the news on a random television in Scotland.

Surely, Hawkeye and Ant-Man saw what was happening on their television screens or right outside their doors.

If their goal was to save their families, they definitely would’ve wanted to help the Avengers stop Thanos from destroying half the universe and potentially the ones they love.

According to rumors, we’ll see both Ant-Man and Hawkeye team up in Ant-Man & the Wasp, so maybe the upcoming movie will tell us more about what happened to the MIA duo.

20 How does Thor know so much about Thanos?

Thor has a strange ability to know a lot more than he should. In The Avengers, Thor arrived on Earth knowing exactly what Loki was up to and what his plan was.

He told Captain America that Loki had an army called the Chitauri that he was going to bring to Earth. However, Thor couldn’t have possibly known this bit of information.

Thor does this again in Infinity War when he arrives on the Guardians’ ship. He starts spouting off information about Thanos and touches on one piece of information that he never actually learned.

The God of Thunder tells the Guardians of the Galaxy that Thanos destroyed Xandar and took the Power Stone "a week ago." However, Thanos never mentioned anything about Xandar or how he got the Power Stone during his encounter with Thor.

Thor shouldn’t even know that the Power Stone was on Xandar. The Guardians are the ones who took the gem from Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy, and after his defeat, the Power Stone was stored in the Nova Corps Headquarters vault.

Even if Thor knew the whereabouts of the stone, he never would’ve known that Thanos destroyed Xandar to get it. He could’ve acquired it in any number of different ways.

19 Why does Thanos know where all the Infinity Stones are but can't find the Soul Stone?

Throughout the movie, Thanos and the Black Order seem to pop up in the right place at the right time. They know where all the Infinity Stones are and just how to get to them... but why is that?

Does Thanos have an affinity to the Infinity Stones? Can he sense when he’s close to them? Or does he have some ability or device that allows him to see throughout the realms?

Any one of these theories would explain how Thanos’ ship could find the Asgardian vessel so quickly. If he could sense the stones, then he would’ve known that Loki took the Tesseract from Odin’ vault and he was currently possessing it on their refugee ship.

These powers would also explain how he knew that the Infinity Stones were on Earth and how the Black Order could tell that the Avengers had moved Vision to Wakanda.

However, it doesn’t explain why Thanos has no idea where the Soul Stone is. If he could tell where all of the other stones were, why couldn’t he find the Soul Stone? Why did he have to rely on Gamora to reveal information that she discovered on a map?

With the Soul Stone being such a huge topic of debate for the last couple of years, it seems like Infinity War simply glazed over a key discovery.

The movie gave very little detail about this map that Gamora found, providing us with no information about who made it or how she came across it.

18 Why was Cap and Black Widow surprised to see Banner?

When Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Vision, and Scarlet Witch meet up with War Machine, Bruce Banner comes out of the shadows and says “Yeah, I’m back.

Black Widow and Cap look stunned and absolutely shocked to see him, but didn’t they already know he was back? Banner was the one who called them, after all.

After Iron Man and Spider-Man sneak onto Ebony Maw’s ship, we see Bruce Banner in front of all the destruction and chaos that they caused. He looks down and sees Iron Man’s phone and flips through it until he finds Steve Roger’s number.

Banner tells Wong that he’s going to make a call and then hits a button and puts the phone to his face. From this interaction, we can assume that Bruce Banner called Steve Rogers to ask him to come back and help them fight Thanos.

Since Rogers talked to Banner on the phone, why is he surprised to see him later on? Wouldn’t War Machine be more of a surprise?

Also, the entire relationship between Banner and Black Widow seems to have disappeared in this movie. Although there’s a hint of it when Black Widow sees Banner for the first time in years, there is nothing else throughout the movie that references their relationship.

What happened to their budding relationship?

17 Why is there no one in Scotland?

According to the movie, Scarlet Witch and Vision went to Scotland to lay low after the events of Avengers: Civil War. Apparently, they chose the perfect place to hide out because there’s absolutely no one else around.

Vision and Wanda Maximoff walk outside of their apartment so that Vision can head back to Stark. As they’re walking on the streets, you may notice that there’s absolutely no one outside.

They even start watching the news in a nearby kebab shop and there’s no one inside.

Then, when Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight attack, the battle takes them flying all over the city and there’s still no sign of civilization.

The scenes were filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland’s second most populous city and the seventh most populous city in the entire United Kingdom. This makes it extremely odd for there to be no one walking around the city at night.

Another odd occurrence during this scene is that Maximoff constantly yells Vision’s name. He’s clearly in hiding as a human to protect the two of them as well as the Mind Stone. So, why would Maximoff expose him by screaming his name throughout the city?

Wouldn’t she have given him a codename for instances such as this? However, then again, there’s no one else in the city so maybe they didn’t have to think about that.

16 Why did Doctor Strange trade the Time Stone for Tony Stark's life?

Avengers Infinity War - Doctor Strange and Iron Man

While on Ebony Maw’s ship, Doctor Strange tells Stark, “When it comes to saving you, the kid, or the Time Stone, I will not hesitate to let either of you [perish].” However, he ended up hesitating and trading the Time Stone in exchange for Stark’s life.

If Doctor Strange had in fact seen all the alternate future possibilities, wouldn’t he have also seen that giving Thanos the Time Stone would give him the exact thing that he needed in order to obtain the Mind Stone?

Without Thanos holding the Time Stone, Maximoff would have been able to successfully destroy the Mind Stone and the Avengers would’ve won.

Some people may say that this was all part of Doctor Strange’s plan and that giving Thanos the Time Stone was part of the “end game” that he revealed at the end of the movie. However, Doctor Strange couldn’t possibly know what would have happened after half of the universe was destroyed.

In Doctor Strange (2016), the Ancient One said that she couldn’t see past her own demise.

This means that since Strange faded away at the end of Infinity War, he wouldn’t have been able to see the future beyond his passing and wouldn’t know anything about the “end game.”

15 Why doesn't Thor use his thunder abilities earlier?

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor learned that he could manipulate thunder without the use of his Mjolnir. So why did he spend most of Infinity War on a quest to find a new weapon?

Thor called this weapon the Thanos-destroying type of weapon. However, besides the ability to summon the Bifrost, the weapon gave Thor the same abilities that he already discovered he had in Ragnarok.

He could’ve saved himself some time and simply used his newfound thunder abilities.

Thor also could’ve used his thunder capabilities when Thanos was destroying Loki and Heimdall. Instead of simply watching from his restraints, he could’ve summoned lightning bolts to stop Thanos from taking out Loki.

In fact, most of Thor’s plans throughout the movie made absolutely no sense. When he went to Nidavellir to create the Stormbreaker, he volunteered to hold open the iris so that they could heat the metal. This was an extremely dangerous mission, which Thor was okay with.

However, if he had failed, there would have been no point in risking his life. If the weapon behaved like the Mjolnir, Thor would have been the only one who could wield the Stormbreaker, and if he was gone, all of that effort would have been for nothing. They would’ve had a weapon that no one could use.

Also, how can Thor take on all that heat, but get easily destroyed by Thanos at the beginning of the movie?

14 What was Thanos' motivation?

In the comics, Thanos wants to destroy half of the universe as a romantic gesture for the love of his life, Lady Death. Although she doesn’t feel the same way about him, the Mad Titan is determined to prove that he is the one for her.

However, Lady Death was nowhere to be found in Infinity War. Instead, Thanos channeled the theories of Thomas Malthus and wanted to prevent overpopulation from becoming a burden to society.

Although Malthus suggested society should consume babies, Thanos decided that the best way to balance the universe was to destroy half of it.

Not only is the Mad Titan’s theory completely mad, but it also created some unanswered questions.

If Lady Death isn’t the motive, why else would he want to re-balance the universe? In the end of the movie, it seemed like Thanos’ reasoning for destruction was because he simply wanted peace and quiet. However, couldn’t he have just retired early and traveled to a quiet planet to be on his own?

Also, what is Thanos’ fascination with raising children? He took Gamora in, loved her as his own, and wanted her to take over the throne for him. However, according to his plan, there was no need for someone to take over the "throne" once he succeeded.

Then, at the end of the movie, after Scarlet Witch destroys Vision, Thanos tries to comfort her and the moment is extremely reminiscent of the scene where he meets little Gamora. So, what is Thanos’ fascination with finding daughters in distress?

13 Why didn't anyone pay attention to the Black Order in Wakanda?

The number one rule of being a superhero is to never trust the bad guy. However, the Avengers seemed to forget this in Infinity War.

When the Black Order was trying to get through Wakanda’s shield, Black Widow, Cap, and T’Challa walked up to the border to have a little chat with the Black Order.

Noticing that Corvus Glaive isn’t with them, Black Widow asks, “Where’s your friend?” and Proxima Midnight responds by saying “You will pay for his life with yours.”

The Avengers took this to mean that Corvus Glaive didn’t survive Scotland. However, we all know that you should never trust a villain when they say that their partner is gone.

If the Avengers saw that Glaive was missing from the action, they should have immediately been on high-alert. They could’ve reached out to Shuri and Scarlet Witch to be extra cautious in case Glaive was conducting a secret mission.

In fact, throughout the entire battle, everyone was so focused on the Outriders that they barely paid any attention to the Black Order. This provided the villains with the time they needed to find Vision.

The focus on the Outriders also forced Black Panther to open one of the sections of the shield. If the shields went all around Wakanda, why did it matter if the Outriders were circling the border?

Even if they found their way into the back of the shield, they weren’t the ones who needed to be stopped-- it was the Black Order, and they weren’t getting into Wakanda with the shields up.

12 Why couldn't Doctor Strange forsee Star-Lord messing up their plan?

While the Guardians, Stark, and Spider-Man were trying to come up with a plan to overtake Thanos, Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to look into the future and review some 14 million different alternate futures.

According to him, there was only one scenario in which the Avengers won, and this was the plan that they settled on.

However, when the rag-tag team has Thanos strapped down and Spider-Man is about to take off the Infinity Gauntlet, Nebula tells Star-Lord that Thanos sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone. This angers him and leads to Thanos escaping their grasp.

However, if Doctor Strange was looking into the future, wouldn’t he have seen this as a possible outcome? He should have known that Quill would react the way he did and that Thanos would slip from their grasp.

So why didn’t he stop Quill before he ruined the plan? He could have even told Quill about Gamora before Thanos arrived so that Quill had time to prepare and ensure that the plan went smoothly.

Also, why didn’t Doctor Strange ever use his powers of teleportation to take everyone away from Titan?

As soon as the plan went south, he could’ve gathered everyone up and left to hide the Time Stone.

11 Thor popping in another eye

Thor was doing just fine without his eye in Thor: Ragnarok and for most of Infinity War. He never complained about not being able to see or talked about how it was bothering him.

So, why was it necessary for him to get a new eye to complete his mission?

Not only did the new eye not make sense in the storyline, but the method that he used to put it back in isn’t scientifically sound either. There’s no way that Thor could pick up a random eye and simply stick it into his eye socket.

Without surgery or a way to connect the new eye to his optic nerve, Thor shouldn’t have been able to see at all. However, then again, Thor is a god so maybe his eyes don’t work the same way as human eyes.

Also, Thor was badly scarred when Hela took out his eye in Ragnarok. In that movie, it was hard to tell when he was wearing his patch and when he wasn’t, simply because of the scarring around his eye socket.

However, when Thor plucks the eye into his socket, the scars seem to disappear.

It’s as if the eye fixed everything that was wrong with Thor and gave him the courage and strength to carry out his destiny.

10 What was Loki's plan?

Loki is the master of plans. He tricked everyone into believing that he was gone after Thor: The Dark World and he outsmarted Phil Coulson in The Avengers.

However, his demise in Infinity War was not very masterful and seemed extremely unlike the God of Mischief.

First off, why did Loki save the Tesseract in the first place if he didn’t have plans to give it to Thanos? He could’ve saved himself the trouble and left the stone on Asgard.

Also, his plan to defeat Thanos in Infinity War wasn’t fully thought out. For five minutes of the movie, while Thanos is fighting Hulk and Heimdall, Loki is nowhere to be found. He could’ve used that time to come up with a better plan than the one he orchestrated.

Loki is a powerful sorcerer but the only thing he could conjure up in the moment was a small dagger. Why didn’t he use his ability to create holograms to distract the Mad Titan and surprise him or use the Space Stone to teleport him and Thor away from Thanos?

Since Loki is the only one who has met Thanos before, shouldn’t he have had some advantage on how to defeat him?

Instead, he had the weakest plans out of everyone who went up against Thanos and ultimately had one of the quickest demises.

Who knows, though, maybe Loki did outsmart the Mad Titan and maybe we’ll see him again? However, then again, maybe we won’t.

9 How does Nebula know that Thanos sacrificed Gamora?

Karen Gillan as Nebula in Avengers Infinity War

Nebula seemed to land on Titan at the exact right moment and provided just the right information to topple the Guardians and Avengers’ plan. However, how did she even know the information that she knew?

As soon as the rag-tag team has Thanos strapped down, Peter Quill starts asking the Mad Titan questions about where Gamora is.

Before Thanos can answer, though, Nebula tells Quill that he came back from Vormir without her, which has to mean that he sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone.

However, Nebula didn’t know that Thanos had to sacrifice something that he loved to obtain the Soul Stone. Otherwise, Thanos would have learned the same information when he went through her brain/video feed on his ship.

All Nebula knew was that Gamora destroyed the map to the Soul Stone. She later found out that the map led to Vormir when Gamora told Thanos on his ship.

Therefore, the leap that Nebula made to the actual events on Vormir was extremely convenient.

Thanos could have simply left Gamora on Vormir without destroying her or kept her captive somewhere else. There was nothing in the thought process that would’ve led to Gamora’s demise.

Also, if Nebula saw Star-Lord reacting the way he did, why didn’t she stop him after he hit Thanos the first time? Surely she was smart enough to figure out that waking up the Mad Titan would ruin the plan.

8 Why does Corvus Glaive leave his source of immortality in Vision?

In the comics, Corvus Glaive is entirely attached to his glaive. It is an extremely powerful weapon that has the ability to split atoms. It can cut through virtually anything – even the thick hide of the Hulk.

This makes the glaive extremely useful for battle. However, it’s not only an amazing weapon-- it's also Corvus Glaive’s lifeline.

As long as the blade remains intact, the glaive gives Corvus immortality. Its powers allow Corvus’ body to resurrect from any type of infliction, even from being atomized, which essentially makes him invincible.

Since this weapon is so powerful, it makes no sense that Corvus is so careless with it in Infinity War.

He uses it to attack Vision, but completely forgets to take it out when he goes to fight Captain America. This doesn’t sound like someone who is highly attached to his glaive.

Also, the glaive is still intact in Infinity War, which means that Corvus shouldn’t have been defeated. He should still be immortal and able to resurrect himself.

In the comics, Thanos eventually comes to destroy Corvus himself. The Mad Titan destroys glaive’s blade and Corvus is given the choice to either take his own life or allow Thanos to do it. He ultimately chooses to take his own life by stabbing himself with his blade.

7 How did Killmonger get into Wakanda if they have shields around the country?

When the Black Order come to Wakanda, we visually see the invisible shield that surrounds Wakanda. This shield is set in place so that no outsiders can get into the country without permission. As seen from the movie, we also learn that the borders are constantly monitored via a handheld.

This innovative technology keeps Wakanda ahead of any threats and are great at preventing the Black Order from storming into the nation.

However, if all these tools are in place to stop outsiders from coming in, how did Killmonger enter so easily in Black Panther (2018)?

Killmonger clearly had no idea where Wakanda was. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had to ask Klaue to fly him there during the movie.

However, Klaue refuses to fly to Wakanda and the two of them get into a brawl. Killmonger ultimately wins and shoots Klaue but loses the ability to find Wakanda.

This means that he had no idea where the opening into Wakanda was, and from the movie, it seems like he simply walked into the nation.

Some fans have said that he was able to enter because the tattoo on his lip acted as a key. However, even if this were true, wouldn’t the Wakandans have seen him coming and stopped him before they did?

6 Red Skull's Reveal

Prior to Infinity War’s release, fans were making all sorts of theories about which previous Marvel villains could make an appearance in the movie. Red Skull was a fan-favorite and his brief role in the movie probably made Marvel fans everywhere extremely happy.

However, some fans may have wished that his appearance was explained a little more than it was.

When Thanos and Gamora head to Vormir, they’re greeted by a mysterious character in black. As the figure steps out of the shadows, he’s revealed to be Red Skull, the former head of Hydra.

He tells the father-daughter duo that he sought the stones a lifetime ago and that the Tesseract cursed him out and banished him to Vormir. He is now trapped there “guiding others to a treasure [he] cannot possess.”

While that’s all that we get, we don’t learn why the Space Stone banished him or what Vormir even is.

He doesn’t give the audience any information about how he was teleported, how he's survived since WWII, what he’s been doing for “a lifetime,” or how he became immortal.

Then, when Thanos obtains the Soul Stone, Red Skull disappears without a trace.

Is he gone now that the Soul Stone is gone? Is that all we’ll learn about Red Skull?

The one thing we did learn, though, is that the "H" in the T.H.A.N.O.S theory now stands for Hydra.

5 What took so long for Scarlet Witch to destroy the Mind Stone or for Thor to come help?

A lot of things surrounding the Mind Stone didn’t make sense in the movie. For one, why is the stone yellow?

When Loki held the stone in his scepter during The Avengers, it was a blue hue. However, now that it’s in Vision’s head, it’s yellow.

Also, why was Scarlet Witch capable of destroying the stone? Was she the only person who could destroy the Infinity Stones or just that specific stone?

At the end of the movie, Scarlet Witch finally agrees with Vision and decides that all hope is gone. There’s no other choice but to destroy the stone and Vision along with it. However, it takes an extremely long time for her powers to actually break the gem.

Was that a cinematic ploy to emphasize the dramatics of the event? Or was there another reason?

It ultimately didn’t do anything, though, since Thanos simply reversed time to get the stone back. However, the way that he changed time also didn’t make sense.

Why did everyone know that time had reversed? Is that how time travel would work?

Also, if Scarlet Witch could destroy Infinity Stones, why didn't she try to eliminate the other ones that were already on Thanos' gauntlet?

Additionally, Thor attempted to save the day by stabbing Thanos with the Stormbreaker, but why did he wait for Thanos to obtain all of the final Infinity Stones before he attacked? It would have been more effective before Thanos obtained all the stones.

4 The abilities of the Infinity Stones

Before creation itself, there were six singularities tied to an aspect of the universe. Once the universe was exploded into existence, these six forces were forged into Infinity Stones.

These stones hold immense powers and we’ve seen many of their capabilities throughout other Marvel movies. However, the way the stones are portrayed in previous movies is very different from their uses in Infinity War.

Thanos uses the Reality Stone a lot throughout the movie. However, the first time we saw it was in Thor: The Dark World. Here, the stone wasn’t actually a stone, but rather a flowing liquid or mist known as the Aether.

Malekith planned to use the Aether to plunge the nine realms into eternal darkness, which is highly different from the way Thanos uses the gem in Infinity War.

At the end of Thor: Dark World, we see that the Aether seeks out host bodies and draws strength from their life force. Therefore, it bonded to Malekith and enhanced his strength and physical durability.

Although he could also use the Aether to create spikes to strike his opponents or create a tornado of energy, it didn’t have the ability to completely alter reality like it did in Infinity War.

During Infinity War, Thanos is able to use the stone to create an extremely alternate reality.

For example, the Mad Titan created an altered image of the Collector’s home and gave Gamora the illusion that she destroyed him. This is completely different from the stone’s powers in The Dark World.

3 Why didn't anyone use the stones they were holding? Why didn't anyone but Vision try to destroy their stone?

Loki had the Space Stone, Vision had the Mind Stone, and Doctor Strange had the Time Stone. They all had incredibly powerful objects on their person, yet they never thought to use them against Thanos.

When Thanos came to take the Tesseract from the Asgardian vessel, Loki went missing for about five minutes. While Thanos was fighting Heimdall and Hulk, the God of Mischief was simply off hiding somewhere.

Why didn’t he use this free time to break open the Tesseract and use the Space Stone to teleport the Asgardians away?

Doctor Strange also could’ve used his stone to reverse time at multiple instances during the movie or used it to trap Thanos in a time warp like he did with Dormammu.

Although some people believe that the past shouldn’t be messed with, the end of half of the universe definitely sounds like an opportune moment to do so.

Also, why didn’t any of the heroes besides Vision try to destroy their stone? Doctor Strange could have destroyed the Time Stone instead of giving it to Thanos in exchange for Iron-Man’s life.

If Strange could, in fact, see the future, he would’ve seen that possessing the Time Stone would have led Thanos to obtain the Soul Stone. This seems like it would be a no-brainer to simply destroy the stone and prevent the end of the universe.

2 Nick Fury's Pager

Despite all the Infinity Stones in the movie, Nick Fury probably had one of the most powerful devices in Infinity War – his pager.

When everyone faded away from existence, most of their items also went with them. Bucky faded with his arm, Falcon disappeared with his wings and goggles, and Black Panther and Spider-Man left the universe with their suits.

However, when Nick Fury disintegrated, his pager stayed behind to send a distress signal.

When the camera zoomed in towards the device, we’re also surprised by a message on it – Captain Marvel’s logo.

However, how did Nick Fury’s primitive device receive a colored image? Everything else on the pager was in black and white, yet the logo flashed a pretty red and blue. Could his pager receive an image, let alone an image in color?

As an end-credit scene, this moment raises a lot of questions. What were Fury and Hill doing together?

What had they been doing during the attacks on New York and Wakanda? Also, what did they know about Thanos?

It also makes the audience wonder about the role that Captain Marvel will play in her stand-alone movie, and why she was the first person Nick Fury thought to contact.

Fury didn't know that the rest of the Avengers were gone, so what tipped him off to message Captain Marvel?

1 What determined who stayed and what does this mean for the MCU's future?

Marvel - Avengers 4 title

By now you know who lived through Infinity War. However, how was this chosen?

Did the Gauntlet have some formula for deciding who would be eliminated from the universe, or was that something that Thanos got to decide?

When Thanos was explaining his past to Doctor Strange on Titan, he said that the re-balancing of the universe should occur by random selection of people to be eliminated. However, if this selection was random, why did the original Avengers just happen to survive?

At the end of the movie, we’re left with Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Iron-Man, Hulk, War Machine, Rocket, and Nebula. Besides Nebula, Rocket, and War Machine, these are the original Avengers from the first movie.

Also, the disintegration seemed to affect Spider-Man differently than everyone else. While everyone else simply faded from existence instantaneously, Spider-Man seems to have felt the effects. He knew that he was disappearing and it took him a lot longer to fade away than the rest of the world.

Was this simply a way to show an emotional moment between him and Stark, or was there another reason as to why Spider-Man was affected differently?

Lastly, what does this mean for the next couple of movies? How will we get a Spider-Man sequel without Spider-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 with only Rocket?

Also, why will Thanos return in Avengers 4? Isn’t he happy where he is?


Did you catch any other things in Infinity War that made no sense? Or maybe you just need a place to vent about how the movie made you feel. Either way, leave us a comment!


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