Avengers: Don't Expect Any Major Deaths in Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War is the 10-year anniversary of the MCU, uniting all Marvel's heroes against a terrifying threat. Thanos is coming to Earth, and he has only one objective: to unite the six Infinity Stones into the unlimited power of the Infinity Gauntlet. Should Thanos achieve his goal, he'll be able to use the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half the life in the universe. The stakes have never been higher, and it's not clear that the Avengers can actually triumph. Even if they do, there will be a terrible price to pay.

The trailers and TV spots have already confirmed that Thanos will acquire at least four of the Infinity Stones. In an interview with Screen Rant, screenwriter Stephen McFeely promised that each time Thanos acquires an Infinity Stone, there'll be a terrible price to pay. "It can't just be a check mark," he insisted. "We're going to wrench some emotion out of each and every one of those moments..." If that comment is anything to go by, at least four characters are going to suffer terribly - and possibly even die. Critics have often complained that character deaths don't tend to be permanent in Marvel movies, but Kevin Feige has warned that may change in Infinity War. "People need to be careful what they wish for," he cautioned.

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But as much as audiences are primed to expect major character deaths, the reality is that almost all the actors are confirmed to appear in Avengers 4. It's true that Avengers 4 appears to be a time-travel film, which may neatly explain how a hero who's been killed could actually return for the sequel. Still, it does mean that characters who die in Infinity War won't be written out for long. We're only a small step away from one of Marvel's traditional fake-out deaths.

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Which Heroes Are Rumored to Die?

Iron Man and Captain America in The Avengers

Of course, any character who's associated with an Infinity Stone is in grave danger. On Earth, that means both Vision and Doctor Strange are Thanos's primary targets. It's no coincidence that trailers and TV spots have shown both Avengers in agony. Vision has been shown pinned to the ground, with Corvus Glaive attempting to pry the Mind Stone from his forehead. Doctor Strange, for his part, seems to fall into the clutches of Ebony Maw. He's been shown in a torture scene that's lifted straight from the comics. In truth, though, both characters seem relatively safe. The attack upon Vision seems to be part of the movie's first act, and in scenes from the third act he's still bonded with the Mind Stone. Meanwhile, although Benedict Cumberbatch has refused to guarantee Strange's survival, the reality is that Phase 4 is still expected to feature a Doctor Strange sequel.

Moving on from those who bear the Infinity Stones, fans are particularly concerned about the original Avengers. Chris Evans has confirmed that Avengers 4 will be his final Marvel movie, meaning Steve Rogers is bowing out of the MCU for good. Significantly, any set photos from Avengers 4 have shown Evans in his classic costume from The Avengers. It's entirely possible Steve Rogers will die in Infinity War, and that a past version of Rogers appears in the fourth Avengers movie. Of all the original Avengers, Cap seems to be the most at-risk.

The other most likely casualty is Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, another actor who's believed to be coming to the end of his time with Marvel. Stark's entire character arc has been building up to Thanos's invasion. Ever since The Avengers, Stark has believed the entire world is at risk of alien invasion. Everything he's done - from Ultron to the Sokovia Accords - has been a desperate attempt to create a defense. The Avengers: Infinity War Prelude revealed that, in the aftermath of Civil War, Stark has focused in on this idea with a laser-like intensity. He believes everything else has been nothing more than a distraction, and his life only has one goal; to save the Earth from the impending threat. His arc has been building towards Infinity War, and it's difficult to see where it goes from here. And yet, in Iron Man's case, set photos appear to have shown an older Stark with a mysterious device on his arm. He appears to be one of the Avengers who travels in time.

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