Evangeline Lilly Says Lost Ending More Controversial Than Infinity War

Ant-Man & the Wasp actress Evangeline Lilly says the ambiguous ending of Lost was more controversial than the tragic ending of Avengers: Infinity War. It's been eight years since the series signed off, but fans still can't stop arguing over the meaning of Lost's final episode and ending. For a series that delighted in endless mind-bending twists-and-turns, the finale upped the ante even more on puzzling its audience and engendering heated discussion.

Though it certainly isn't as deliberately mysterious as the final episode of Lost, the cliffhanger ending of Avengers: Infinity War has kicked off its own series of vigorous debates. In terms of what happens in the story, nothing could be clearer than Thanos' snap and the dire consequences it brings about for many of the MCU's most popular characters. The actual debate has largely centered around what happens next in the Avengers' world, and how the catastrophic events of the film will be addressed - and perhaps even reversed - in future movies.

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When it comes to comparing the oft-debated ending of Lost with the much-discussed final stanza of Avengers: Infinity War, actress Evangeline Lilly, who starred on Lost as Kate Austen, thinks there's no question the TV show wins the battle in terms of controversy. Speaking to ComicBook, Lilly gave her take on the two memorable endings:

"[Lost] was more controversial. I think the end of Infinity War devastated people, but I think the end of Lost was controversial. Like people either loved it or they hated it, and they were confused about it. They didn't really understand what happened. I think it's pretty clear what happened at the end of Infinity War."

Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen in Lost

Airing in 2010, the final episode of Lost resolved the series' puzzle box mystery in a way that left many fans dissatisfied and others merely confused. After years of leading audiences through a maze of flashbacks, flash-forwards and flash-sideways, the show ultimately left its many characters in an apparent representation of heaven that welcomed people of all faiths. Some interpreted this as confirmation of a long-held fan theory that the characters were dead all along, and that the show's main island setting was in fact a kind of purgatory. Regardless of the finale's meaning, the episode left fans sharply divided, with some finding it to be a warm and fuzzy resolution and others regarding it as an unimaginative cop-out.

Amid TV's current revival wave, some have asked if Lost could possibly return to airwaves to in some way offer further resolution to the original show's mystery. However, ABC says there have been no discussions about a Lost revival. Unlike Lost, which apparently left its fans hanging forever, Avengers: Infinity War will only leave fans in suspense until the next Avengers movie, which may or may not be titled Avengers: End Game. In the meantime, MCU loyalists can look forward to Lilly's Ant-Man & the Wasp followed by Brie Larson's debut as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel.

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Source: ComicBook

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