Infinity War Theory: Trailers Show How [SPOILER] Dies

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War


The new Infinity War trailer has delivered everything fans hoped for... and may also confirm the death of Loki. we're loathe to suggest such a twist, since both the character and actor Tom Hiddleston have made themselves one of Marvel's top favorites among fans. But with the evidence mounting that Loki will NOT be joining in on the Infinity War's action, a few new shots of Thor in agony all but confirm it.

You can't say Loki wouldn't deserve to be killed by Thanos and the Black Order, though: he made a deal to conquer Earth for the Mad Titan. He even got an Infinity Stone to do it (a big factor even if Loki didn't know its true power). But it is going to be heartbreaking all the same. And considering that he makes Thor watch, it's going to make the challenge of showing Thanos as an empathetic villain a lot more challenging.

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It's still just a theory of ours for now based on educated guessing, so there's reason to hold out hope. But for those eager to jump into the SPOILERS and start preparing for the loss... read on.

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Yes, Thanos Arrives At The End of Thor: Ragnarok

The most heartbreaking death of the MCU actually begins in the mid-credits scene of Thor: Ragnarok. Just as Thor and Loki seem to have put aside their differences, and the younger brother has taken a step towards the more heroic side - at least when it comes to protecting his people - the unknown butts in on the victory. In the form of a massive, ominous ship, no less.

Fans at the time didn't know what to make of the twist, given the obvious implications for Infinity War, but the much more lighthearted and irreverent tone of Ragnarok. Since then it's been confirmed that it's Thanos at the end of Ragnarok, leading almost immediately into a loss powerful enough to wipe out Thor's latest victory.

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And by "victory," we mean wipe out most of what remains of Asgard's survivors. Thanos has come to collect the Infinity Stone held by Loki - and the God of mischief is all too happy to turn it over. Although... what choice does he really have?

When the first Infinity War trailers began to reveal more about the movie's plot, the fact that Loki really did steal the Tesseract from Asgard's trophy room before it was destroyed was seen as good news. Yet when the first shot debuted of Loki surrounded by the carnage of a destroyed spaceship, lit by flames, and gazing up at an unseen figure of incomparable power, his offering of the Space Stone was taken differently by different viewers.

To some, it was a sign that Loki was siding with Thanos, and returning to his villainous ways. To others, it was a sure sign that Loki had no other choice. Which meant that Thanos wasn't likely to be satisfied with just getting what he came for from the servant who failed him. And judging by the new shots in the latest trailer... fans had better say their goodbyes to Thor's brother.

And get ready to see Thor as we never have before now.

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