Avengers: Infinity War Prelude Comic Reveals Updated Logo

The Avengers: Infinity War prelude comic reveals an updated logo, while the comic itself teases the lead up to the Marvel movie.

Marvel unveiled a small update for Avengers: Infinity War, as the movie received a brand new logo with its prelude comic. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are only a few weeks away from seeing the universe's next installment in Thor: Ragnarok, but eyes have continued to look ahead to Marvel's biggest film of 2018. While Black Panther is putting up a good fight, Infinity War is sitting back and waiting to take its place in the spotlight.

Updates on the third Avengers movie have continued to come out, but the current focus is on the arrival of the first teaser trailer. Those involved have continued to say the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is coming soon, and yet, there has still not been a single frame publicly released. While many wait to catch a glimpse at Marvel's 19th film, they can see the movie's new logo in the meantime.

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Marvel Comics' January solicitations were released today and included the first details on the prelude comic to Infinity War. While the contents of the comic may actually help set up the movie, the current cover unveiled a new logo for Infinity War. The latest design cleans up the logo's look, italicizing and changing the font of "Infinity War," while refining the overall aesthetic.

Here is the synopsis of the first issue courtesy of Newsarama:

When a terrorist puts the Avengers at odds, CAPTAIN AMERICA and THE WINTER SOLDIER go rogue to find him – but IRON MAN isn’t far behind. Will the Avengers survive the fallout? Then, find out where Captain America, the Falcon and the Black Widow are headed next – because the world needs heroes, whether it wants them or not. And get a sneak peek at Tony Stark’s brand-new armor! Get ready for MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR in part 1 of this special prelude!

Thanks to Marvel's tendency to tweak logos constantly, the comic's logo is unlikely to be the final version, but should get us closer to the final product. With the logo reveal coming in an unexpected way, it is (unfortunately) not very likely to be any sort of indicator that the trailer is on the horizon.

As for the comic itself, it could be a prelude comic that is actually worth picking up for diehard Marvel fans. The prelude comics are technically part of the MCU canon, so this one may be the best and only chance fans have to discover what has been happening with several of the main characters since Captain America: Civil War. The synopsis only mentions a few of them, but it is very possible that others will be included in this issue or in the second part.

In fact, the comic may give fans an understanding of how Team Cap and Team Iron Man are currently operating. They clearly have not made up yet, and are even after the same enemy it appears. Not only that, but if the comic does set up the whereabouts of Captain America's secret and underground super team, then Avengers: Infinity War Prelude should only provide further context for those who read it as they head into the movie next May.

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Source: Newsarama

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