Joe & Anthony Russo Interview - Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will debut its 19th feature film with the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War. No directors have had a bigger impact on the MCU than brothers Anthony and Joe Russo. They first paired up for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, expanded that narrative into Captain America: Civil War and have now found themselves tackling the Herculean task of tying the knot on one of the great experiments in cinematic history. Screen Rant caught up with the brothers as they prepared to unleash Avengers: Infinity War on the world.

SR: Guys, I am extremely excited about this film when I got into this industry for this moment, so I can't wait for this. Now, which character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be? Each one of you.

Joe Russo: I keep answering this the same, so maybe I'll mix it up. I usually say Spider-Man because that was my favorite character growing up, but I'm going to say Shuri.

Anthony Russo: And I’m going to say, Thanos.

SR: All right, that’s…

Anthony Russo: An odd choice, huh?

SR: Now, Tony Stark. Tony Stark is one that started here 10 years ago and we've seen his journey, we've seen his accomplishments. Most of his goals come true or some of his worst nightmares come true. What lies in store for Tony Stark and how do you guys view Stark at this point and what do you want audiences to take away with Stark in Infinity War?

Joe Russo: Well, he's a fascinating character because he's always a character in conflict with himself in some way. I think that is a sense of duty to protect the world is in conflict with his sense of duty to protect his family; that his ego is in conflict with is altruism. And so, uh, he, he is a futurist and I think a brilliant futurist, so he understands where the world is going, where the common narrative of the world is going, and he can predict that they're out there lies a potentially unbeatable villain. So He's been doing everything in his power to keep enhancing his technology so that he's prepared for the day when someone like Thanos shows up to, uh, to threaten the universe and humanity. So he's a very, very important character in the film and I think has been carrying the thematics of the Marvel universe more than any other character over the last ten years.

SR: Interesting. Now, if you guys had one Infinity Stone, you gotta take the good with the bad though. One Infinity Stone...what Infinity Stone would you choose?

Anthony Russo: It's a tough question. I think I might say the Soul Stone simply because it is the most mysterious. And, uh, I find that very intriguing.

SR: You've been giving answers that are very intriguing.

Joe Russo: Space Stone. I can go anywhere I want.

SR: Now Captain America's a man without a country right now. With current American politics, what would Captain America have to say about this time in our, in our generation right now?

Joe Russo: Boy, yeah. I mean, let's just say that Captain America is no longer Captain America right now. I think that might be his statements. Uh, you know, he is a, he has ripped the emblem off his uniform and, you know, part of what we thought was interesting about him as a character was deconstructing him and taking him on a journey from being a patriot to an insurgent and let's just say right now he's in the heat of his insurgency.

SR: Now which team up on Infinity War, because in all the trailers that we have a mix-match of Marvel characters, which team up is the most fun for you guys personally?

Anthony Russo: That's a, it's a very tough question, but, I might go with a combination of Thor and the Guardians. There's something, uh, you know, there's a, there's an interesting dynamic that evolves between the two groups, and especially between Thor and Quill. That is a lot of fun.

Joe Russo: I'll say Strange and Stark. I like two narcissists. It's like to be beta fish in a tank going at each other.

SR: The facial hair bros!

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