Avengers: Infinity War Directors Open to Thanos Creator Cameo


Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended with the tease that the newly formed Avengers' baddest foe is waiting in the wings. The smirking turn for those unaware was just that of a random purple alien, but for comic fans, it was instantly recognized that Thanos had been introduced. Since then, Thanos hasn't really done much of anything besides have his attempts to have others bring him the Infinity Stones go wrong, leaving him stoneless still.

This will all change in Avengers: Infinity War and the followup, Untitled Avengers, when the Mad Titan comes to Earth to vanquish the galaxy of its mightiest heroes. As Thanos is a character based on his comic counterpart, how much recognition creators of these characters get widely varies. With his creation set to make his biggest appearance, creator Jim Starlin is hoping for a cameo himself, and the directors of the two films appear to be onboard.

Starlin previously expressed interest in a cameo after the production teaser was released and featured new looks at Thanos and a shot of Infinity Gauntlet, an arc written by him as well. In an effort to please the comic icon, Joe and Anthony Russo responded to the request on Facebook, saying they too are ready for him to appear.

Should this turn out to be more than just good PR on Marvel's part and Starlin does in fact make a cameo of some sorts in Infinity War, it will be a simple way to highlight his role in Thanos' history. How exactly Starlin could cameo is up for debate. He could potentially play an alien and get to interact with Josh Brolin playing his creation, or he could have a cameo similar in nature to Stan Lee's, which are generally just quick shots for fans of the comics to catch and everyone else to gloss over.


This gesture could also go a long way in repairing the potentially strained relationship between Marvel and Starlin. It was only a few weeks ago when Starlin used social media to take a shot at Marvel's lack of payment for using his characters on the big screen, noting that DC had given him more for a single film in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice than Marvel has in the entire run of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If they are going to feature Starlin in the movie itself, hopefully they can also begin to better compensate him for his prior work. After all, without him there would be no Thanos and hence no Infinity War, so a cameo is the least they can do.


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Source: The Russo Brothers

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