Avengers: Infinity War's Jeremy Renner Shares Hawkeye Fan Art

Hawkeye and Avengers in Infinity War

Jeremy Renner shared fan art of the Avengers' archer, spotlighting a character that so far hasn't been seen in the Avengers: Infinity War marketing campaign. Hawkeye will be returning in the film, but the original Avenger hasn't appeared in Marvel's advertising campaign so far, leaving fans curious.

The marketing campaign for the film, which represents the culmination of over a decade of filmmaking, has offered quite a bit for fans. From multiple television spots to the news that a new trailer will be released soon, the film has so far teased major changes to locations and to characters. Fans will see new characters become major players in the MCU at large as well. The studio has teased that Avengers: Infinity War will be the ultimate game changer and include permanent deaths. The theme of the whole enterprise is "culmination" with the MCU creating its own universe out of the comic's storyline, but it doesn't explain why Hawkeye is being kept out of the spotlight.

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Renner at least acknowledged that this is a problem, taking to Instagram to share another fan-made EW cover of Hawkeye. In the wake of EW's Avengers: Infinity War covers, fans have been asking about Hawkeye and speculating as to why he's been left out of the film's marketing. While the story has teased culmination and creating a new chapter of the shared universe, to properly close any chapters in the MCU's first three phases, every character deserves a spotlight. Hawkeye's absence has left a major hole in the marketing, since the character first appeared in Thor making him one of the first Avengers to appear in the MCU.

There's a lot that fans could speculate about but Marvel hasn't wholly neglected the character. The studio has released an updated version of Hawkeye's bow and arrow for children. As for just where he's been, after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hawkeye is one of the Avengers most likely to have a difficult time going up against Thanos. The Mad Titan's abilities will clearly test each one of the Avengers and their allies, but each one of them brings more to the table than incredible fighting skills.

That's cause for concern about Hawkeye in Avengers: Infinity War and it's untitled sequel. If Hawkeye does make an appearance, it might be foreshadowing his eventual demise. The archer being brainwashed by Loki was the catalyst for the story in The Avengers and Loki was merely a tool of Thanos's grand design.

The lack of Hawkeye in advertisements for Avengers: Infinity War could also foreshadow a much larger role for the archer, so large and pivotal that any marketing might spoil the film for fans. As the first phases of the MCU gear up for their closing number, fans are filling in the blanks that Marvel might be missing as they connect multiple dots making movie history. Whatever happens to Hawkeye, Renner and his fans clearly love him and that'll be more than enough for one of the founding Avengers as everything changes in the world he lives in.

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Source: Jeremy Renner/Instagram

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