Spider-Man's Infinity War Costume Was Originally Closer To Comics' Iron Spider

Spider-Man's suit in Avengers: Infinity War was nearly much closer to the comic's Iron Spider design. Marvel Studios has wasted no time in changing up the look of their Spider-Man; Tom Holland's portrayal began his heroic tenure with a homemade suit before receiving an upgrade by Tony Stark. Marvel, then, teased the MCU's take on the Iron Spider suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming's post-credits scene, but it wasn't until Infinity War released that Peter Parker got to wear it.

Despite drawing inspiration from the comics, the suit doesn't really resemble the look of the Iron Spider suit readers were familiar with. The classic Spider-Legs were the main part of the design lifted from the comics, but previous concept art teased a more comic accurate look was considered for Homecoming. That wasn't a one-time consideration either, as some concept art for Infinity War reveals a great look at what a comic-accurate Iron Spider suit would've looked like.

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A user on Reddit shared an image from the Infinity War art book that revealed one of Ryan Meinerding's alternate designs for the Iron Spider suit. This new design is nearly ripped straight out of the comics with the largely red suit and giant yellow Spidey symbol on the chest. The eyes are different, while the bottom half of the suit largely goes unchanged from the suit Stark previously designed for Peter. See the concept art by clicking the link below:


This new design for the Iron Spider may have gone over even better for some fans. The MCU's take on the costume has been well-received, but those who have grown accustomed to this look over the years may have liked to see Marvel stick a bit closer to the source material. It's unclear exactly why Marvel decided to choose the final design over this more comic-accurate look, but Meinerding did offer a tease of the development process. He said, "I pitched a number of other suit designs that were closer to the comics, but it felt like people were understandably willing to go in a slightly new direction."

Even though Infinity War established the MCU's Iron Spider suit, it may not be around for very long. The set of Spider-Man: Far From Home has been littered with new suits for Peter to wear. He appears to have a new stealth suit that takes inspiration from the Spider-Man Noir costume, while Holland officially debuted a new red and black costume too. It's also unknown if the Iron Spider suit will also make an appearance in his sequel, but it could at least pop up one more time in Avengers 4. Since this alternate design wasn't used for Avengers: Infinity War, maybe one of Peter's future costumes will take some cues from the design instead.

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Source: Reddit

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