Avengers: Infinity War's Iron Spider Suit May Use Bleeding Edge Tech

Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man in Avengers Infinity War

Spider-Man's so-called "Iron Spider" armor made its debut at the tail-end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, to the delight of fans. Though Peter turned it down at first, it was clear this outfit would be donned by the webhead in this year's Avengers: Infinity War, and since then fans have eagerly wondered just what this costume is capable of. After all, if Stark's first Spider-Man suit had everything from body-morph functions to an onboard AI, what will the Iron Spider have? The retractable spider-legs are surely only one of many new features.

The latest promotional posters have dropped a subtle hint. Reddit user V-sm zoomed in on the Iron Man and Spider-Man character posters, and noticed a remarkable similarity. The suits appear to be made of the same material; they have the same distinctive Y-shaped texture. That may seem like an insignificant detail, but it's actually a hint that the Iron Spider costume may be more formidable than fans ever expected.

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Bleeding Edge Technology

As successive Infinity War trailers have made clear, Tony Stark's new armor is like nothing he's ever worn before. It's known as the "Bleeding Edge" armor, and it's actually composed of nanotechnology. That means the armor can change form and shape, responding to Stark's very thoughts. He can form the armor into tools and weapons at will, and he can morph the capabilities of previous armors into play whenever he wants. The trailers have shown Stark willing rocket-thrusters into shape, allowing him to pursue Thanos's Q-ship out of Earth's atmosphere. Stark's use of nanotechnology is visually similar to tech seen in Black Panther, and given that Black Panther ended with T'Challa deciding to open an outreach program to the rest of the world, it's possible Stark has actually picked up Wakandan tech, and integrated it into his own designs.

The Iron Spider suit appears to be made of the same material. If that's the case, Stark has continued to tinker with Peter's costume, and it's actually been reconstructed since the end of Homecoming. The Iron Spider armor now seems to feature Bleeding Edge technology, meaning it's also composed of nanotech. It will be able to form and reform at will, and Peter will be able to manipulate its appearance and form. It's doubtful that Stark has equipped the armor with all the bells and whistles he's integrated into his own suit (Stark would always save the best for himself), but it's certainly going to have some unique features.

What Could The Iron Spider Armor Do?

Nanotech would explain the retractable "stingers" that are typically associated with the Iron Spider armor. Although some posters have hinted at a small containment unit on Peter's back, the reality is that there's simply no room to store those things. If they're composed of nanotech, though, that would neatly explain how they take shape. The "Bleeding Edge" armor depends on a neural interface between the wearer and the suit, and a similar interface would allow Peter to control these appendages at will. Meanwhile, it seems likely the Iron Spider's nanotech will be able to form into webbing as well - meaning that Peter is unlikely to run out of web fluid. More to the point, that same neural interface would allow Spider-Man to switch between web-types with just a thought. This could be the most advanced Spider-Man suit of all time - whether in the movies or in the original comics!

Of course, Peter Parker probably won't know how to handle all this tech. The trailers initially show Spider-Man in his old costume when Thanos arrives; he's only given the Iron Spider suit later. That means Peter is in for a crash course in "Bleeding Edge" technology, the most advanced science Tony Stark has ever dreamed up. No doubt he'll have to go through some "training wheel" programs again.

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