Avengers: Infinity War - Robert Downey Jr. Shares BTS Image With Josh Brolin

Robert Downey Jr. has shared a new photo from the set of Avengers: Infinity War of both he and Josh Brolin doing mo-cap work for Iron Man and Thanos' battle on a mystery location. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have long waited for the day when Thanos would share the screen with the heroes that populate the universe. Teases in The AvengersGuardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Age of Ultron, only further hinted at their eventual encounter - one that will finally happen in Avengers: Infinity War.

Downey has been with the MCU since the very beginning, while Brolin has only experienced the world for the last few years. Infinity War will be his chance to show why Thanos was worth the wait and he began prepping for the film late last year. Even with him being entirely CGI, it was widely assumed that Brolin was physically on set to interact with the other actors, and Downey has shown that to be the case.

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Downey shared a new set photo from Infinity War on Instagram today showing a behind-the-scenes shot of him and Brolin taking a break between scenes. Both appear to be enjoying themselves and the company of others, while the location of this scene, in particular, should look familiar to those who've followed the production.

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The confirmation that Brolin was physically on set should only add to the performances and chemistry from the film. It is not always normal for CGI characters to have the actual actors on set, but with Brolin delivering the dialogue and mo-cap work for Thanos, his performance should be able to shine through the multiple layers of visual effects.

As for the scene they are filming, the location appears to be the same mystery planet shown in the Infinity War production video at the beginning of the year. Brolin was not featured in that video, but it did include both Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man). While neither of them are pictured here, it is fair to assume that they too are involved with this sequence - and may be one that was teased at D23 last week.

The footage description for D23 revealed Thanos battling a multitude of Avengers that resulted in him hurling chunks of a moon at them. Thanks to the look of the scenery and the problems that would come with Earth's moon being destroyed, it was theorized that this battle was taking place elsewhere. This could be the location of that battle as Downey's face is bloodied from the fight. Even if that is not the case, it further teases Iron Man's long awaited clash with Thanos.

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