Avengers: Infinity War Teaser Reveals Iron Man's New Suit Tech

A TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War reveals Iron Man's new armor, which takes form around his body and can morph into any previous suit.

Avengers infinity War - Prime Armor

A new TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War, aired during the Super Bowl, offers a first look at Iron Man's new suit of armor. The upcoming team-up movie (directed by Anthony and Joe Russo) will assemble superheroes from all corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to finally face off against the long-hyped threat of Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos is a considerably powerful enemy, which means that the Avengers are going to need some new tricks up their sleeve in order to take him on.

One of the most exciting aspects of any new movie involving Iron Man is seeing the new tech that Stark has come up with, and we've seen a lot of suits so far - from the clunky original that helped him escape the cave, to heavy-hitters like the Hulkbuster armor. Iron Man's latest suit, however, most likely comes courtesy of Shuri, the sister of Iron Man's new friend Black Panther.

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We've already seen this tech in the trailers for this month's Black Panther, which show T'Challa's suit taking form around him. It appears that the suit is stored in the Wakandan king's necklace, using nanotechnology, and can be called upon to take form around him whenever he needs it (which is useful, because that thing is pretty skintight). The Infinity War TV spot all but confirms that this same tech will be used in Iron Man's new suit, as the footage briefly shows the armor taking form around him, rather than assembling from different parts. We've previously guessed that the suit is stored in a chestpiece that Tony is seen wearing in Infinity War footage (see below).

This armor is called Model 51 or Prime Armor, and one of its biggest features is that it can actually morph into any one of Tony's previous suits. It also bears a resemblance to the "bleeding edge" armor from the comics (Model 37), which was made out of nano-machines stored inside his body that could be called upon to take the form of any structure upon his skin - from Iron Man suits, to ordinary clothes. Model 37 was introduced in the comics in 2010, while Model 51 first appeared in the comics in 2015. Both of these suits were invented by Tony himself, but it's possible that the Prime armor in the movie will be designed by (or use technology designed by) Black Panther's 16 year-old sister, Shuri, the smartest person in the world and the head of the Wakandan Design Group.

Wherever Tony gets the armor from, it's sure to be of great help when it comes to fighting Thanos and his minions. After all, storing a suit of armor inside a chestpiece is a lot more convenient than calling on a drone to fly over and deliver all the parts, then waiting for them to assemble. If the new suit is also made out of vibranium, like Black Panther's suit and Captain America's shield, then it would also render Tony virtually indestructible while he's inside it. Exciting stuff!

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