Thanos Throws a Moon in New Avengers: Infinity War Images

New images and information have arrived for Avengers: Infinity War, showing the true might of Thanos and the Infinity Stones. Given the new release date for Infinity War, it's safe to assume the full-length trailer is right around the corner. Thankfully, the marketing for Marvel's next movie has provided plenty of looks at the film in the meantime. We've seen new toy lines, a number of posters (both official and unofficial), and now even more images from the film are pouring in.

As part of EW's Avengers: Infinity War coverage, 15 new covers were released for the movie, spotlighting the heroes (and the big bad) who will arrive in theaters next month. Along with the unveiling, additional information about the various teams and updated characters has also been released, giving us a better idea of what the film will be like. And now, some brand-new images from the movie tease a number of major moments.

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EW has released a new batch of images from Avengers: Infinity War, teasing a number of action scenes with Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and more. We also get to see a shot of Thanos using the Power and Space Stones to actually throw a moon. The target? His ruined home world of Titan, which may be the mysterious orange planet we've seen in the footage thus far. Check out the gallery below for all the images:

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In the comics, Thanos' home is Titan, the moon of Saturn. It's likely that's where he does battle with Iron Man and some other Avengers. As for the movement of the other moon, it looks like the combined abilities of the Power Stone and the Space Stone allow Thanos to move an entire celestial object. And with power like that, it does seem like the Avengers will be hard-pressed to beat him.

The other images offer us our first look at Shuri in Avengers: Infinity War, joining forces with Scarlet Witch and Bruce Banner (presumably in Wakanda). We also get a shot of Black Panther and his army holding the line of the kingdom with Captain America, M'Baku, and Bucky (now known as the White Wolf). Meanwhile, War Machine seems to have buried the hatchet with Captain America and Black Widow, as he's shown joining them with some new tech that helps him walk.

We also get a shot here of Thor, Groot, and Rocket, who are said to be off on a mission of their own - one that might involve forging a new weapon for the God of Thunder. Apparently, Gamora will also strike out on a separate mission, presumably having to do with seeking revenge on her 'father' and possibly searching for Nebula. Hopefully, the trailer will arrive soon but at least EW's coverage is revealing some key information about Avengers: Infinity War.

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Source: EW

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