Avengers: Infinity War - First Hawkeye Merchandise Revealed

Marvel has released the first Hawkeye merchandise for Avengers: Infinity War. As the marketing machine for Marvel Studios' event film this year kicks into high gear, we get more tie-in collectibles and fun toys - some of which may or may not have unwarranted spoilers in them. Clint's brand new bow and arrow set, however, does not seem to contain any possible piece of information. If anything, it could almost pass up as something not associated with the upcoming ensemble film.

Assembling MCU's mightiest heroes as they attempt to foil Thanos' universe-altering plans, Infinity War is set to be the culmination of Marvel's 10 years of storytelling. With the promise that all narrative threads from every single film in the franchise will factor in the upcoming Russo Brothers-directed (Joe and Anthony) movie, fans are obviously curious as to what the upcoming blockbuster and its untitled sequel will bring to our heroes and how it will change the status quo in the franchise in time for Phase 4.

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Posted on Diskingdom, we finally get a glimpse of the first Hawkeye toy item for Infinity War. It's a purple-colored bow and arrow set - a reference to the character's costume palette in the comic books and animated series. Unfortunately, fans who are solely invested in the film series might not immediately associate it with the Avenger given that he's mostly sported black ensembles in the film with just hints of purple. Just looking at the toy without knowing beforehand that it's a Marvel merchandise item, it honestly could be any one's bow set. Check them out below:

Throughout the marketing campaign, we still haven't had a glimpse of  Renner's Hawkeye. Considering he's one of the original Avengers members, it's curious why Marvel is almost hiding him in promo materials for Infinity War (he doesn't even have his own emoji). Almost everyone confirmed for the film, including Thanos' Black Order members, have appeared in some sort of way in either official promo art or minifigs, but the bow-wielding marksman remains unseen. Granted, he's really officially retired this time, opting to live his low-key farm life with his family after Captain America: Civil War, we know that he'll eventually come out of retirement in time for the upcoming battle against the mad Titan, so why hide him?

Much of the mystery that surrounds the character is the open secret that he'll assume his Ronin identity from the comic books - a darker and more ruthless masterless samurai. While it's still uncertain how his transformation will fit in the bigger narrative, it's great that the Russos seem to be wanting to give him his own arc in Avengers 3. It's no secret that among the six original Avengers, he has had the shorter end of the stick when it comes to character growth and screen time. Jeremy Renner has already hinted that his superhero alter-ego will have some pretty big things to do come the next twin Marvel ensemble films, we only hope however his fate pans out, he gets a satisfying arc. Fortunately, it won't be too long before we get some answers especially after the announcement that Avengers: Infinity War is coming a week earlier than originally intended.

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Source: Diskingdom

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