Avengers: Infinity War Cast & Crew Poke Fun At Hawkeye's Absence

Members of Avengers: Infinity War's creative team, including star Robert Downey, Jr. and director Joe Russo, joke about the absence of Hawkeye from the film's marketing campaign. It's no secret the third Avengers film features Marvel's largest ensemble to date, combining the forces of Earth's Mightiest, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and others like Doctor Strange and Black Panther to take down Thanos and his Black Order. Several of the franchise's heroes have received plenty of attention in promotion, although there is one prominent member of the group who's missing.

Clint Barton, one of the original six Avengers, feels like the forgotten man in all this. Not only has Hawkeye not been seen in any of the footage released to date, Jeremy Renner's name couldn't even make the poster. Fans have taken it upon themselves to commemorate Marvel's famous archer, and even the filmmakers are starting to get in on all the fun.

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During an Infinity War red carpet event at Mariana Bay Sands Singapore (hat tip ComicBook), Downey teased the crowd by saying Hawkeye is "the only one" who can defeat Thanos. Not to be outdone, Russo dropped the mock spoiler that Clint actually is Thanos. The fans took these comments in the good jest they were delivered in, though many have to be wondering what's seriously going on with Hawkeye in Infinity War.

When it comes to a well-oiled machine like Marvel, they haven't just accidentally neglected Hawkeye. If he's not in marketing, it's part of the studio's strategy. The Russo brothers previously confirmed as much, saying that Clint's arc in Infinity War and Avengers 4 is a "long play" that will require patience to see in full. Renner has popped up in set photos from the ambitious project (the two movies were filmed back-to-back), so it's plausible a bulk of Hawkeye's role is being saved for next summer's installment. An Infinity War prelude comic revealed Clint is retired at the time the film starts, so it's logical to presume something happens that forces him to return to the fold. It's been hinted some Infinity War character deaths will be permanent, so perhaps when some of the Avengers fall, Hawkeye feels compelled to pick up his bow and arrow again to help his friends.

In a film that sees the full arrival of the Mad Titan, some long-awaited character interactions, and events that will change the very fabric of the MCU moving forward, few would have predicted that Hawkeye would be such a hot discussion point in the weeks leading up to Infinity War's release. All this does is give the movie another layer of intrigue. As fans settle in on opening weekend, they'll be curious to see why Hawkeye's role has been kept such a secret, and it hopefully won't disappoint.

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Source: Infinity War Red Carpet Event (via ComicBook)

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