Avengers: Infinity War Halloween Display Recreates Heart-Breaking Death

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Avengers Infinity War

Thanos killed a lot of people just by snapping his fingers, but a fan has now recreated one of the most heart-breaking scenes of Avengers: Infinity War in a Halloween display. The third film in the Avengers series managed to not only become one of the highest-grossing movies of 2018, but smashed people's expectations and become one of the most critically acclaimed films in the series. That being said, the film's success came with the deaths of several key characters and half of the population.

In the comic-book world, superheroes have a long history of being resurrected after their deaths. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become notorious for killing off characters and then bringing them back for future movies. For example, Loki has "died" several times throughout the films and appeared to actually die in Infinity War, but actor Tom Hiddleston has teased that Loki might not actually be dead. Joe and Anthony Russo have also explained that a future stand-alone sequel doesn't guarantee that a character will be resurrected, but it is unlikely that all of the deceased characters in Infinity War will stay dead. Even though many of the main characters are presumed dead at the conclusion of Infinity War, fans will likely get the answers they are looking for in Avengers 4While fans are still heart-broken over the death of Spider-Man, others are able to make light of the situation since he will likely be resurrected.

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One Twitter member by the name of Tasmen shared an image of her neighbor's Halloween decoration. The display consists of three pumpkins stacked on top of each other with Iron Man's signature mask and accessories, while a Spider-Man costume is laying on the ground covered in leaves. The scene is supposed to be a recreation of the tear-jerking scene in Infinity War, with a clear Fall twist. Her full Tweet can be seen below.

Even though Peter Parker was a casualty of Thanos' snap, he will be returning for two upcoming Marvel flicks. Not only will Spider-Man be starring in another solo adventure, titled Spider-Man: Far From Home, but Spider-Man has also been confirmed for Avengers 4. Holland's character may be currently dead in the MCU, but his time in the series is far from over. Holland will be appearing in these two Marvel films and will also likely be appearing in a third Spider-Man film since Spider-Man: Homecoming was the beginning of a new Spider-Man trilogy.

While most people assumed that someone would die in Avengers: Infinity War, it was quite a shock when Thanos eliminated 16 of the main characters that fans had grown to love. Even though many of these heroes were quite popular, Spider-Man's death is often considered the most heart-breaking since he was only a teenager and had such a close relationship with Tony Stark. That being said, this Halloween display is genius. Not only does it recreate Spider-Man's death in a clever way, but it manages to put a Halloween spin on the scene. Fans will have to wait until May to see Spider-Man back on the big screen, but for now, fans can enjoy this hilarious, yet heart-breaking Halloween display.

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Source: Tasmen

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