Infinity War: Children of Thanos Star in Hilarious F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Video

A hilarious new Infinity War fan video imagines how the Friends theme song would look if it were to feature the Children of Thanos.

The Children of Thanos cross paths with the theme of Friends in the latest Infinity War fan video. Months after the film’s release, viewers continue to show their love for Avengers 3 through the creation of fan art. With so many characters to follow and the need to at last provide Thanos’ backstory, the Children of Thanos were regulated to the side. One fan has decided to end that, making them the focus of their own humorous spoof.

When the Avengers weren’t battling things out with Thanos, they often found themselves toe-to-toe with some of his remaining loyal followers, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, and Corvus Glaive. Since Gamora and Nebula have long since turned their backs on their so-called father, audiences could only hear stories about how the Children of Thanos once cut their way across the universe, killing in his name. With so many Avengers and so little time, what parts of their past that were filmed became deleted scenes Marvel released online.

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While waiting for Avengers 4 news and still trying to get over the shock at Infinity War’s ending, fans have turned to making their own narratives, both grim and comedic. Under the subreddit r/MarvelStudios, user NerdyParker00 added a video titled Children of Thanos (F.R.I.E.N.D.S style), where all six of the Children of Thanos look ready to appear in their own Friends spinoff, albeit, a dark one.

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Much of the fan art currently in existence depict artists’ rage towards the Mad Titan, like Iron Man decapitating him or Captain Marvel successfully taking him down in a possible Avengers 4 scenario. But some fans find themselves taking Thanos’ side, arguing in favor of his plan to “balance the universe” by killing half of it off. Earlier this year, fans showed their loyalty by joining a different subreddit that had half of the members purged in honor of the Mad Titan.

Seeing Thanos’ adopted family united is a cool concept. But with Nebula and Gamora no longer on his side and most of the Children of Thanos dead, the idea will have to remain a fun “what if” for fans to speculate about. With the concept of time travel still in play for Avengers 4, a chance remains for some characters to come back. Although it would be far more likely to see the characters needed for Phase 4 return than Thanos’ villainous children. But Infinity War fan art doesn’t need to conform to cannon, its limited only by what artists can think up next.

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Source: r/MarvelStudios

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