Films That Inspired the Tone & Energy of Avengers: Infinity War

The Russo Brothers had a few of key inspirations for Avengers: Infinity War—namely a pair of '90s heist films. With Avengers 3 coming a week earlier than expected, news from the set is finally arriving and revealing all sorts of plot beats we were previously unaware of. Though the Mad Titan still remains a mystery, we've heard Hulk will be impressed by Thanos. And given the Other Guy's susceptibility to influence, that could be a bad thing for the Avengers.

Luckily, Bruce Banner's smaller half will be working against Thanos. Avengers: Infinity War reunites the Science Bros, adding Doctor Strange and Wong to the mix. The combination of science and magic will certainly come in handy, as the Avengers and Guardians scramble to stop Thanos quest to bring together the Infinity Stones. But despite the cosmic trappings, the tone and energy of Avengers 3 will be inspired by heist film, thus grounding the fantastical film in a familiar structure.

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During Screen Rant‘s set visit for Avengers: Infinity War, directors Anthony and Joe Russo spoke about the movies they drew from when creating Marvel's biggest blockbuster yet. And for Anthony especially, the balancing of so many characters was made easier by leaning on some tried and true elements.

"There's a lot of characters in this movie that have tones that they're bringing from their own franchises. I think it's a very unique film, I don't think there are a lot of movies that have the kind of tone that this movie has because it's a combination of franchises and I don't think we've ever seen that before on this scale. So I think it's got a really unique tone to it, and I think it's impulsive. I would say it's an adventure film, but it has elements of ... we were inspired by '90s crime films when we were working on the script. So it's got an energy to it, a bit of a smash and grab energy."

We've heard how Avengers 3 will be a heist film before, which should bring some of the flavor from Ant-Man into the movie. The Russos have proved how well they can handle scale and action by transplanting the superhero film onto other genres before, and two movies in particular helped them achieve that for this summer's film.

Anthony Russo: The movies that we looked at, 2 Days in the Valley, Out of Sight. We always look to movies for an inspiration for the energy that we're looking for, or a narrative construct that we want to be inspired by, and those two films in particular-

Joe Russo: And again, for us it helps when you are dealing with all these different types of characters and all these different tones that have been established in the various films and story lines, it becomes our organizing principle for tone. In terms of what the world is that we're creating, what rules are we playing by, how does that filter and every character, no matter where they're coming from has to intersect with the sort of reality of that tone.

Though 2 Days in the Valley and Out of Sight were touchstones, don't expect to see the smaller crime capers merely copied for Avengers: Infinity War. Instead, Joe Russo says they were simply looked to in order to craft the themes of the film.

"I think sometimes people have misinterpreted in the past when I'm talking about movies, how we're using them. Really as inspiration for narrative imagery. These movies are so complex you need a unifying peace, or a sense of cohesion, and that cohesion can come from a narrative construct that you can apply all the characters to. It's hard to find movies with this many characters; you can look at Altman films, which have a tendency to be more veritè. Where we found 2 Days In The Valley, which really had a narrative thrust to it, and had an energy that we were looking for. Again, just purely something inspires us in the room when we're working on the script."

While it won't be long until the movie arrives and we can judge for ourselves how the heist structure works, we may learn a little about it even sooner. A new Avengers 3 trailer is coming soon according to the Russo Brothers, so we could get a taste of the films mentioned when it arrives. There's still a great deal we don't know about Marvel's next film, but fans will likely be eager to see how it all plays out when Avengers: Infinity War premieres next month.

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