Avengers: Infinity War Fan Trailer Pays Homage to Justice League

A fan-made Avengers: Infinity War trailer mines inspiration from one of Justice League's own promo clips, borrowing stylistic nodes from it and even using the DC epic's Heroes' song. The comic book film genre lives on after Warner Bros.' first ever superhero ensemble flick debuted a little over a week ago. While DC takes a back seat for a while - not having any releases between now and December of next year with Aquaman - Marvel Studios has a couple of projects on their docket. Arguably the most anticipated of the bunch is the third Avengers film, which is expected to tie together everything that has transpired in the MCU in the last 10 years.

Since that sizzle reel of the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed film was exclusively released for both D-23 Expo and San Diego: Comic-Con, fans who were not able to be present in either of the events have been campaigning for the release of the same footage online. But despite the massive fan-clamor and even a grainy copy of the clip online, Marvel Studios stood its ground and would not budge. This, however, did not discourage die-hards to continue sifting the internet for any possible morsel of information from the film. Even image renders and fan-made trailers are proving to be a hit, including this one which looks very well-crafted.


The video comes from YouTube content creator, Mr. Krepshus, who just recently posted the almost three-minute clip of a re-imagined Infinity War trailer. As previously mentioned, the video mines several style sensibilities from the one for Justice League but since we have yet to see any official footage from the Marvel culminating film, the user cleverly utilized a handful of scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy and a sequence from Black Panther's official trailer. Check out the full clip above.

Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, and Chris Pratt on Avengers: Infinity War set

The fan-made trailer comes on the heels of the leak of several clips from the Infinity War movie, as well as the unofficial release of some screengrabs from its first preview - a sign that a first look at the much-anticipated film will finally arrive sometime soon. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige has previously confirmed that they will release it before the year ends and while there are some floating speculations on when it might debut between now and December 31, the most logical theory is still for it to arrive with Star Wars: The Last Jedi - which is also under the Disney banner and is due to arrive next month.

While fan-made posters and trailers - especially a well-crafted one like this - are enjoyable, it won't be long before official previews and promo stills from Avengers: Infinity War start hitting online, with just six months before the movie officially arrives. Having said that, fans should expect that Marvel Studios will opt to push for Black Panther first - which is set for a February debut  - before they start the endless press and marketing for Avengers 3.


Source: Mr. Krepshus

Key Release Dates
  • Black Panther (2018) release date: Feb 16, 2018
  • Avengers: Infinity War / The Avengers 3 (2018) release date: Apr 27, 2018
  • Ant-Man & The Wasp (2018) release date: Jul 06, 2018
  • Captain Marvel (2019) release date: Mar 08, 2019
  • The Avengers 4 / Avengers: Endgame (2019) release date: Apr 26, 2019
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) release date: Jul 02, 2019
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