20 Amazing Infinity War Fan Art Better Than What We Got In The Movie

Avengers: Infinity War is arguably the most ambitious crossover event in cinematic history. The film brings the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy together in an effort to defeat the formidable Thanos, intertwining a decade's worth of character development, story arcs, and world-building in the MCU.

While Infinity War has its own story to tell, the movie is also very conscious of what audiences already love about its characters from previous MCU entries. A huge piece of what fans love about these characters are their unique aesthetics, the distinctive costumes, and designs that make the characters feel instantly recognizable and iconic.

The costumes, designs, and overall aesthetics of Infinity War work well. Yet, there are some truly incredible fan art redesigns out there, the likes of which could've made the movie look and feel even better. Inspired by a variety of genres ranging from medieval fantasy to steampunk. Some of the redesigns might've required too much time to justify why the characters look so different since the last time we saw them, but all of them are stunning and worth examining.

Taking heed of some spoilers that will follow, let's take a look at 20 Amazing Infinity War Fan Art Better Than What We Got In The Movie.

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20 Vision

Vision did get a bit of a redesign when he first appeared in Infinity War. He used nano-technology to appear human during his intimate, romantic scenes with Wanda. To the average passerby, the Mind Stone in his forehead was the only giveaway that he wasn't human in those moments.

Daniel Kamarudin takes a different approach to redesigning Vision, as with elements from the fantasy genre. Vision still has the Mind Stone in his forehead and both the humanoid and robotic look from Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

The fantasy-inspired design also gives Vision medieval armor, which might've provided further defense against Thanos and the Black Order, in their efforts to pluck the Mind Stone from Vision's head.

Another difference is that his hand emits a blue glow. The artist's intention may have been for it to be magic, but perhaps it could be an additional technological power that is unique to Vision.

It would've been neat to see the Mind Stone amplify Vision's abilities as a means of self-defense against Thanos and the Black Order. This would've been a particularly interesting plot thread to follow with the Mind Stone being the last Infinity Stone Thanos needed to collect. It's almost as if all the powers that be were trying to help Vision defend it, in case Shuri's separation procedure didn't work.

19 Hulk

There are very few individuals who can stand toe-to-toe with the Hulk in a fight. Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster armor is one of the few able to do so. As such, it seems only natural that someone would create a design of Hulk in the Hulkbuster armor as artist Chuekjai did here.

One might think, given how easily agitated he is, that Hulk might be bothered by all that armor. Instead, he looks quite comfortable and even more fearsome. The tenacious strength of the Hulk matched with the vast technological capabilities of the armor would make him practically unstoppable.

This design actually came pretty close to happening in Infinity War, as Bruce Banner uses the Hulkbuster armor to fight in the battle at Wakanda. Of course, other than in the very beginning against Thanos, Bruce struggled to turn into the Hulk at all in Infinity War. There was a moment or two in the Wakanda battle where it seemed like this epic design might come to fruition as Bruce tried to turn into the Hulk while fighting in the armor. Hulk refused to come out to play, meaning fans were denied the emergence of the Iron Hulk.

It is worth wondering, if in some way, Bruce had succeeded at turning into Hulk while wearing the armor, whether it would've shattered during the transformation, or if his form could've naturally filled into it like in this redesign.

18 Iron Man meets Overwatch

Kode LGX redesigned the Iron Man suit with an aesthetic inspired by the character Genji from the popular video game Overwatch. The colors of the suit remain mostly the same with the exception of a little more black at play. The helmet and Arc Reactor designs are the most significant changes, drawing heavily from Genji's helmet and breastplate armor in Overwatch. The suit overall has a less humanoid and more robotic feel to it, especially when it comes to the helmet.

Tony Stark is constantly inventing, tinkering, and working to improve his technology. While he may not have much time to play video games, his mind, interests, skills, and personality would make him an excellent gamer.

It stands to reason that Tony would play a popular game like Overwatch, and that he might even love playing as the hero Genji.

Combine this with his tendency to constantly tinker with and improve his technology, and it's not absurd to think he could revamp the Iron Man suit with the Genji-inspired designs.

It actually could've led to some hilarious moments with other characters, especially with Peter Parker and his penchant for pop-culture references, or explaining to Peter Quill and the other Guardians of the Galaxy what Overwatch is and why they should play it.

17 Captain America

From Civil War to Infinity War, Captain America went through many changes. Some fans are still getting used to the beard and the new shield, but Daniel Kamarudin's fantasy redesign has even more changes in store for the First Avenger.

His redesign brings back the familiar vibranium shield that Cap used in all his MCU appearances until Infinity War, unless we're counting his PSAs in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The familiar shield helps ground this redesign, in contrast with the knight-like armor that adorns the rest of the Supersoldier's body.

This helmet would definitely be more effective than what he normally wears, and the breastplate, shoulder-pads, and gauntlets also provide more protection than he normally has, meaning he'd be better defended than before.

Captain America doesn't have the quirkiness or sense of humor akin to Tony Stark's that would've made a drastic redesign like the Overwatch-inspired armor work.

Captain America does whatever he believes is necessary or right, though, in order to uphold his ideals and protect the greater good. If he genuinely believed this kind of armor would help in those pursuits, this redesign could actually work, and would've been very effective on the battlefield in Wakanda, during the epic battle.

16 A More Terrifying Thanos

Thanos does wear some armor in Infinity War, but it leaves several parts of his body unprotected. Instagram user @legacyart777 tackled the character with a different approach, one that leaves Thanos more protected and with less of his purple skin showing. His shoulders and arms are much less vulnerable with this armor, whereas they were left open to attack in the film. Sure, he's powerful but does that mean he shouldn't take precautions?

When he met with Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos was more heavily armored than in Infinity War. He may have thought he didn't need to wear as much armor as in the past, considering the power he's now able to wield via the Infinity Gauntlet.

The armor in the redesign looks not only protective, but also lethal enough to hurt anyone who dares come too close.

He wouldn't have to necessarily wear it in every scene, especially in some of the more personal scenes with Gamora.

On the other hand, this armor would make sense to wear each time Thanos does battle, enhancing the sense of power and invincibility that he exudes throughout the film. Even Thor's new weapon, Stormbreaker, would have a difficult time penetrating this armor.

15 Scarlet Witch

Despite all the cool costumes her fellow Avengers wear, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, she doesn't have much of a costume herself. For the most part, she just sports a red leather jacket that almost any woman could wear. Next to the likes of the Dora Milaje, the Black Panther suit, the Hulkbuster armor, and the other combat-ready designs tailored to each character's strengths and abilities, the red leather jacket looks boring and almost pointless.

Daniel Kamarudin sought to give her more of a combat-ready look, and one befitting of the Scarlet Witch name. Almost appearing like a sorceress in a look inspired by the fantasy genre, this redesign -- especially the scarlet armor -- offers far more protection and a much more commanding look. She also sports her traditional headpiece, which fans of the comics will recognize instantly.

The way her eyes glow and the power emitting from her hands makes her seem more in control.

Altogether, this is a Wanda who seems more confident, and more like the leader she's meant to be.

It makes Scarlet Witch not just a name, but a representation of all that character's nuances and powers truly coming to life.

14 Rocket Raccoon

Thanos and the Avengers aren't the only ones to get the cool redesigns. If Guardian of the Galaxy's Rocket is willing to take eyeballs and batteries he doesn't need, he's certainly willing to get a redesign as well.

Raph Lomotan re-imagines Rocket in the steampunk genre. Rocket was initially a laboratory subject, and the artist seems to have honed in on that piece of the Guardian's past by leaving bare the gears that created him. From knees, to waist, to head, gears are clearly seen shaping Rocket. The most eye-catching one is the key sticking out of his head, as if that's the only thing keeping his brain functional.

This design would've opened up more opportunities for Rocket to struggle with his identity and past as a laboratory subject given the constant, painful physical reminders.

While the exposure of the gears would certainly take a toll on the insecurities Rocket tries to mask with his crass nature, the goggles seem like something Rocket would actually choose for himself. It's easy to imagine Rocket wearing goggles just because he thinks they look cool or wants the attention. In that case, Drax and Peter Quill would keep asking why he's wearing goggles and Rocket would just keep giving absurd answers and driving them crazy.

As a whole, this redesign offers both further humor and depth for Rocket.

13 Steampunk Iron Man

Rocket isn't the only character who can get a redesign inspired by the steampunk genre. The approach also works well for Iron Man, leading to Dibujante-nocturno's redesign of the character. The dark colors and background, and the almost monstrous vibe from the suit seems to evoke an evil Iron Man. The Overwatch-inspired design felt more robotic than humanoid, but it was still easy to think of a hero behind the suit.

This design feels less anthropomorphic and more threateningly monstrous.

This darker, more foreboding design makes it harder to believe that Tony Stark is the man behind the suit, but that's exactly the kind of effect that could be useful against adversaries like Thanos and the Black Order.

Expecting the regular Iron Man suit, it would've been a shock to face this version, making them wonder if Stark was still the one behind the technology.

That moment of hesitation could've made the difference when facing Thanos and the Black Order.

This armor may also have fared better in the fight against Thanos on the planet Titan, possibly leading to much different circumstances there - though, not so different that it would've changed the one way out of fourteen million in which Doctor Strange saw them defeating Thanos.

12 War Machine

Thanks to Tony Stark, Rhodey was able to walk again in Infinity War despite the paralysis he suffered in Captain America: Civil War. He now has an advanced electronic rig around his waist and braces around his legs to help him walk fluidly. RtRadke's art brings even more changes to the character with some considerable adaptations to his War Machine suit.

While the silver-grey color of the suit stays the same, the design makes War Machine's armor much bulkier and armed to the teeth.

His right arm now ends in a three-pronged claw. The suit's artillery receives some improvements as well. The feet are also pronged as opposed to the sleeker, boot-like version.

This version of War Machine definitely looks more intimidating and lives up to the superhero's name. The claw is probably the most fascinating addition of this redesign, a feature that could be particularly useful in close-up combat. Overall bulkier and armed so heavily, the suit might offer even more protection, though it might come at the cost of not being able to fly as smoothly.

Given what Rhodey suffered when siding with Tony in Civil War, it would've been nice to get the suit upgrade for Infinity War.

11 Thanos

Thanos ends up spending a significant amount of his screen time in Infinity War with his head unprotected. This redesign by SpiderGuile attempts to rectify that, with a Thanos who wears both a helmet and a hood over his head. Through this approach, Thanos has his head and neck area well-protected against any threat.

After Thor's failed attempt to slay the Mad Titan with Stormbreaker, Thanos even told Thor he should've gone for the head. That would have been less of an option with this design. As a whole, none of Thanos' purple skin is left susceptible to attack except for his face.

One might think he looks overly padded with protective gear here, but he still exemplifies plenty of confidence, purpose, power, and an overall feeling of invincibility. His defenses enhance these facets of his character instead of detracting from them.

The overall color palette of the redesign is dark and foreboding, with all bright colors emanating from the Infinity Gauntlet. Such a contrast in colors would've been effective to play with more regularly throughout the film, especially in moments where Thanos was wielding the unparalleled power of multiple Infinity Stones in order to achieve his ultimate, lifelong goal.

10 Thor

Thor has recently lost a lot of people he cared deeply about. After losing both his hammer Mjölnir and an eye to Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, though, in Infinity War, he did get a new eye courtesy of Rocket. He also got a powerful new weapon named Stormbreaker.

Reza Ilyasa imagined Thor would undergo even more changes in her redesign. Long before Marvel, Thor originated as a god in Norse mythology and history can trace written mentions of him back to the Viking Age.

This redesign of Thor from the MCU ties back to those roots, drawing a great deal of influence from viking culture into the art.

Spiked gauntlets and all, he's much more heavily armored than usual. Instead of Mjölnir or Stormbreaker, he wields an enormous sledgehammer, which may be a bit crude but awesome nonetheless.

The moment Thor burst onto the scene at Wakanda with the newly forged Stormbreaker was epic, but it could've been even more so if he arrived wielding Stormbreaker and wearing the armor pictured in this design. He could've made the armor, along with Stormbreaker, during his time on Nidavellir. They would both be part of redefining himself and becoming as strong as possible in order to destroy Thanos once and for all.

9 Black Widow

Black Widow is an unparalleled spy and assassin turned original member of the Avengers. She's excelled at adapting to a variety of circumstances. Now theDURRRRIAN challenges Black Widow to adapt to a brand new environment via the fantasy genre. The redesign imagines Black Widow as an armored, blade-wielding fantasy warrior. Even with a still picture, it's difficult to keep track of how many blades she has at her disposal, which brilliantly captures part of the character's essence.

This design also brings back her red hair instead of the blonde hair she ended up sporting in Infinity War. Just as Captain America has grown a beard, Black Widow changed her hair color as part of a disguise during their time on the run since Civil War.

With Infinity War bringing many elements of the MCU full-circle, it almost seems more fitting for Black Widow to keep the red hair. In this redesign, her hair goes through yet another style change, but the red color remains consistent as it has in all her MCU appearances.

Hair aside, it would've been amazing to watch a fantasy-inspired Black Widow alongside Okoye and her Dora Milaje garb when they fought together to save Wanda.

8 Star-Lord

Peter Quill/Star-Lord made quite a few costly mistakes in Infinity War. If he was going to do those things, at least he could've shown up with a cool redesign.

This artist brings just that with a steampunk-inspired version of Star-Lord. Wearing his iconic mask, Star-Lord marches through the flames with a cape billowing behind him, wielding a sleek blade and massive gun.

Whether he's the one creating the fire or going through the flames to face an enemy, this is a no-nonsense Star-Lord that no one wants to mess with.

The redesign is so jaw-dropping that even Drax and Rocket would probably be left speechless, or at least sputtering, by its sheer awesomeness. If Peter looked like this, with such weapons at his disposal, we might've actually believed even for a moment that he had a chance to save Gamora, or at least to do what she asked of him on Knowhere.

Maybe Thanos would've been more hesitant to mess with Peter in the first place, though something tells us that wouldn't have made much difference to the Mad Titan.

At the very least, since four years have passed between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Infinity War, it's not unreasonable to think that the Guardians would've made some upgrades to their looks and weaponry in that time.

7 Drax

Defeating Thanos was far from a new mission for Drax in Infinity War. Drax's introduction into the MCU quickly established that his wife and daughter were ended by Ronan the Accuser on the orders of Thanos. With Ronan destroyed by the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos has been Drax's primary target ever since.

Coming face-to-face with Thanos as a result of the events in Infinity War, Drax could've received a design that demonstrated his wrathful vengeance and ferocity, attributes audiences sometimes forget because of the comic relief he provides.

Omercan Cirit redesigned Drax like a barbarian from a fantasy setting. Here he is far more armored, his protection adorned with the skulls of his defeated enemies. He's traded in the knives for awesome swords.

This version of Drax better captures his need for vengeance against Thanos and reminds audiences of how dangerous Drax can be if he so chooses. After all, when Drax first met the rest of the Guardians, he was in the prison known as the Kyln after going on a rampage across the galaxy in his quest to destroy Ronan and Thanos. This fearsome redesign makes sure everyone remembers that this is truly Drax the Destroyer.

6 Iron Man vs. Thanos

The fight against Thanos on his decimated home planet of Titan took a few, dark unexpected turns for the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Haru Stark Salvatore recreated Iron Man facing Thanos on Titan, only this time, Iron Man is able to produce lightning from his armor.

While he did have help from a few Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, the fact that Iron Man did as well as he did against Thanos is an impressive feat, especially since the Mad Titan had four Infinity Stones in the Infinity Gauntlet at the time. The visual of Iron Man's lightning being extinguished as Thanos nearly destroyed him would have further driven home how formidable Thanos was in that moment, and how vulnerable Iron Man had become.

It's doubtful that lightning could've made much of a difference against Thanos at that point, but it's possible, given that Thor brought forth some lightning when he tried to take down Thanos with Stormbreaker during the battle in Wakanda. If they fought together and this design was used for Iron Man, it would be quite the sight to behold. Both Iron Man and Thor with lightning under their control as they attack Thanos together.

5 Loki

From the first teaser trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, fans knew there would be a moment where Loki would hold out the Tesseract. What Loki's intentions were in that moment, however, remained a mystery up to that very moment in the film.

Before Infinity War hit the big screen, theDURRRRIAN created this moment with Loki in a dark, epic fantasy garb. With the same green, black, and gold color scheme, his head is adorned with the horned helmet the character has worn in the past. He's more fully armored and carries a sword that casts off a blue glimmer near the hilt.

Beyond the revisions in costume, weaponry or color scheme, what truly makes this redesign so astounding is that it perfectly captures Loki's essence.

Loki's unpredictable, often mischievous nature is communicated here, but so is the loneliness and yearning for more that's so integral to his character. All these facets are on display, making us just as unsure about what Loki will do with the Tesseract in this art as audiences were in the movie.

Adding in elements of this design to Loki in the movie would've made the scene even stronger, and that glimmering sword could've proved quite useful.

4 Shuri

The Black Panther suit is a technological marvel, and a lot of that is due to Shuri and her innovative work. When all hell broke loose in Wakanda during Infinity War, though, even T'Challa as Black Panther wasn't enough. Every individual needed to pitch in to try and save the universe. Once Shuri was no longer able to continue operating on Vision, it would've been cool to see more of her in combat, donning one of the alternative Black Panther suits.

Kerayra imagines this as Shuri sailing through the air in her own version of the Black Panther design, ready to pounce on those threatening the existence of Wakanda and the entire universe. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when the fate of the whole universe is on the line, it's unlikely anyone would object to there being an additional Black Panther on the battlefield.

No one understands the technology behind the Black Panther suit better than Shuri herself, meaning there wouldn't need to be time taken away from the plot at hand to explain how Shuri knows how to expertly operate and fight in the suit. She would even had the alternative designs on hand in her laboratory, able to put it on once Vision was dragged out of there by Thanos' minions.

Two Black Panthers, brother and sister fighting side by side to save Wakanda and the universe, would've been quite the sight to behold.

3 Black Widow

One fantasy-inspired redesign of Black Widow isn't enough. Daniel Kamarudin's approach here also depicts Black Widow as a fantasy warrior, but with some significant differences from the previous one. She doesn't seem to carry quite as extensive an arsenal of blades, but still carries knives which, given her background, would lead to a swift end for all enemies.

This armor offers more protection in a few areas left somewhat vulnerable in the other design, specifically in the neck and chest areas. She's still rocking the red hair that's been a staple of her character throughout the MCU, as opposed to the blonde hair she ended up with in Infinity War. In this design the red hair is more wavy than straight, though.

The Infinity War design is breathtaking, but the armor in this one seems more practical, as it leaves nothing bare and defenseless except for the head.

Armor is not supposed to make someone look attractive. It's there for protection, and this armor does a better job of that. The skull design on her shoulder further communicates the menace she becomes when a foe crosses her path. The scar on her face shows she's not invincible, but she's also battle-hardened and a survivor, both of which are core attributes of the character.

If this design had been used in Infinity War, the scar could've come from an incident that occurred while she was on the run between Civil War and Infinity War.

2 Iron Man the Sorcerer

Tony Stark and Doctor Strange shared quite a few scenes together in Infinity War. It was no surprise to anyone that Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch quickly formed an electric chemistry and played off each other incredibly well. They formed one of the most interesting new relationships between characters who met for the first time in Infinity War. Their banter was exceptional -- although there was definitely a missed opportunity for a Sherlock Holmes joke between them -- but their dynamics could've become even more intriguing with a crossover of their distinctive designs.

Daniel Kamarudin re-envisioned Iron Man as a sorcerer from the fantasy genre.

The suit design stays the same in many ways, mainly adding in the tendrils flowing behind Iron Man in a beautiful blur of magic and technology.

This redesign is even cooler if you think of it as a crossover between Iron Man and Doctor Strange. Fans had the pleasure of seeing what it looked like when the two of them fought side-by-side. Imagine if Iron Man fused his technology with Doctor Strange's gifts as the Sorcerer Supreme. As one, they would arguably be the ultimate Avenger, and it might've been more than even Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet could've withstood on Titan.

1 War Machine meets Hulkbuster

Tony Stark's technology is incredible in itself. Tiago Kinney imagines what happens when Rhodey puts some of Stark's best tech together. Rhodey continues to enjoy all the features of the War Machine suit as per usual, but also with the added bonus of piloting the Hulkbuster armor as well. War Machine now has the ability to take on massive beings like the Hulk or Thanos at close range with the strength of the Hulkbuster armor.

He can attack using weaponry from both the War Machine suit and the Hulkbuster. This redesign also personalizes the crossover for Rhodey, as the Hulkbuster is primarily silver with red thrown in to match the glowing eyes. It would be interesting to see whether this Hulkbuster can fly as well, or if War Machine would need to leave the armor behind, if only momentarily, when he needed to fly.

War Machine tends to be an asset, flying in the sky during battle. This design would ground him more, even if the armor had the ability to hover or fly. It would've been epic to see Bruce Banner piloting the classic Hulkbuster while Rhodey controlled his own version side-by-side during the battle at Wakanda.

It would also have been nice of Tony to provide that double dose of Stark technology after the price Rhodey paid for standing beside his old friend in Civil War.


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