Infinity War Facebook AR Captures Your Face as You Fade Away in Thanos Snap

Chris Pratt Josh Brolin and Tom Holland in Avengers Infinity War

Facebook has just unveiled a brand new feature allowing users to channel Thanos' finger snap from Avengers: Infinity War and fade away with AR capture technology. Now, instead of mourning the sudden loss of their favorite Avengers, fans can take an active role in the morbid experience.

In Avengers: Infinity War, the Mad Titan Thanos has nearly found the last of the six Infinity Stones, which allow him to wipe out half of all living things in the entire universe. In order to prevent this from happening, the titular heroes create unexpected alliances and face unthinkable danger, only to fail in their pursuit. As the Infinity War comes to a close, Thanos acquires all six of the Infinity Stones, snaps his fingers, and some of the MCU's most beloved characters literally turn to dust. Now, fans can experience Infinity War's dismal ending thanks to Facebook and innovative AR technology.

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To celebrate the digital release of Avengers: Infinity War, Facebook has released a brand new AR Mask allowing fans to personally experience the effects of Thanos' finger snap. And though the effect holds significant emotional weight, the process is simple. Facebook users need only open the Facebook app on their phone or tablet (it's not accessible on desktop), press on the camera app, and scroll through the icons (via the Magic Wand icon) to find the one titled "Avengers: Infinity War TT." Tapping on the icon in Selfie Mode, holding the record button, and opening their mouth will allow users to animate the effect and appear to fade into dust.

Avengers Infinity War Facebook AR Filter

Movie studios and TV networks are no stranger to utilizing AR technology to promote a movie's release - especially on Snapchat. An X-Men: Apocalypse filter allowed users to transform into various mutant characters from the movie, a Terminator: Genisys filter allowed users to transform into the titular robot, and a Stranger Things filter allowed users to to "physically" enter into the Byers home, complete with the iconic Christmas lights and letters on the wall.

While additional marketing for Avengers: Infinity War might seem unnecessary at this point in time, given its record-breaking popularity, Marvel deserves some credit for tapping into and utilizing new forms of budding technology for fans as a promotional tool. With new eras come new techniques, and whether this new filter seems like a simple gimmick or harmless throwaway fun, it features exciting potential for what audiences ought to expect in interactive marketing in the foreseeable future.

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