Iron Man Got The Most Screen Time In Infinity War & Endgame (But Thanos Was Second)

A new video breaking down each character’s screen time in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame shows Iron Man was on screen the most, but Thanos was a close second. The MCU arguably would never have become the MCU had the original Iron Man and star Robert Downey Jr. not set the mold for everything to come. With last year’s Infinity War and this year’s Endgame, the epic saga kicked off eleven years ago by Iron Man came to a conclusion that provided a truly emotional experience for audiences and made Disney and Marvel a combined 4.8 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

As for Tony Stark himself, the Infinity War/Endgame saga took the character on an emotional journey as he endured the dusting of Peter Parker, then survived being set adrift in space. After returning to earth (with an assist from Captain Marvel), Stark tried settling into a life of domestic bliss with Pepper Potts and his daughter Morgan, but found himself being called back to action after cracking time travel and re-joining The Avengers to undo the havoc wrought by Thanos’ snap. That would of course prove to be a fateful decision as Stark ultimately sacrificed his own life while snapping Thanos and his army out of existence.

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Given how important Tony Stark’s arc was to the Infinity War/Endgame story, it’s no surprise to learn that Iron Man had more screen time in the two movies than any other character. A new video posted by Shinya Kogami indeed breaks down the two films for a fascinating moving graph that gives a minute-by-minute glimpse of each character’s relative screen time. The exercise not only reveals that Stark appeared the most, but that Thanos actually came in second. See the entire video in the space below:

By the end of the two movies, the video graph shows that Iron Man had received a total of 3001 seconds of screen time, with Thanos coming in a somewhat distant second at 2272 seconds. Steve Rogers placed third with 2121 seconds, followed by Thor with 1901, Bruce Banner at 1528 and Gamora at 1275. Interestingly, Gamora actually dominates early on, holding down first place up until the 105th minute of Infinity War when she is supplanted by Thanos. Of course, Gamora being sacrificed for the Soul Stone brought an abrupt end to her presence in the saga until her return in Endgame. Also somewhat amusing is watching Clint Barton, who was of course left entirely out of Infinity War, storm onto the chart in the 61st minute of Endgame and zoom upward to finally land in 8th place with 966 total seconds. As the video proves, fans who were upset that Hawkeye failed to show up in Infinity War certainly got a good dose of their favorite character in Endgame.

Watching the entire video play out is not only instructive, it’s also somewhat mesmerizing, as the graph lines shift and various characters jockey for position. It may not be as emotionally shattering as the movies themselves, but the video is still a fascinating and unique way of reliving Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, if fans don't feel like just watching the movies again.

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Source: Shinya Kogami

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