Avengers: Infinity War Shooting An Authentic Disaster Scene in Atlanta

Marvel is seeking real emergency response professionals to respond to a disaster scene shot in Atlanta in the latest casting call for Avengers: Infinity WarProduction for the epic ensemble movie is well underway, with characters from as far away as Asgard and as near as Brooklyn already filming key scenes for the movie. A plethora of heroes are returning for the climactic showdown with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's enigmatic supervillain, Thanos (Josh Brolin), with even more new faces set to join the ranks of the MCU during the movie.

Alongside said heroes will be a host of heroic extras. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has revealed a new casting call for active roles on an Atlanta set of Infinity War, inviting real-life ground level heroes to join the MCU.

The casting call seeks men and women who are acting police officers, firefighters, and EMTs with the tactical experience pertinent to those roles. While nothing else is said about the content of the scene, a certain level of destruction is implied, with the actors likely to be responding to the collateral. Filming on this downtown Atlanta set is said to commence on July 5-9th, and could be related to the scenes being shot in New York, with the downtown Atlanta scenery serving as a stand-in for New York's skyscrapers.

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Much of the star power of Infinity War has been based in Scotland recently, with extensive shoots around Durham Cathedral featuring Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Chris Evans (Captain America), Paul Bettany (Vision), and Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch). The hype surrounding the impending Avengers sequel is such that few production secrets will remain under wraps for long. This latest casting call lays the groundwork for another such spate of leaked appearances, as whatever disaster befalls downtown Atlanta is likely to require some form of heroic response.

The call for real-life emergency response professionals is both a touching homage to everyday heroes and an admirable commitment to authenticity. In all likelihood, the roles will be those of background actors and extras, but the MCU has a history of putting the average extra in the spotlight for a moment of heart or humor. However the roles are handled, they're bound to focus on the efforts to save lives in the wake of some devastation, juxtaposing the enormous cosmic conflict of Infinity War with the street level struggle to survive.

This Atlanta casting call broadens the already wide scope of the movie's production. A recent casting call suggests that the movie will feature a Wakanda connection, with an earlier casting call seeming to tease a violent sequence on Asgard. With Marvel head Kevin Fiege determined to get all the Marvel characters back together, it seems likely that Infinity War will add more sets, both familiar and brand new, to this galactic spectacle.

The Russo brothers will be keen to leave no stone un-turned in their attempts to deliver an unparalleled cinematic event, yet they've shown a penchant for maintaining humanity throughout the destruction of their movies. While the movie will flit from settings as varied as Asgard and Atlanta, expect their inimitable charm to shine through - and don't be surprised if an actor from this latest casting call provides their own memorable moment alongside the characteristic quips of the Avengers.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

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