Avengers: Infinity War Directors Tease Mystery Prop in New Video

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo tease a mysterious prop from Avengers: Infinity War. The only question is - what on Earth is it?

Avengers Infinity War Logo by Joe Steiner

Fans were delighted to learn last year that the Russo Brothers would direct the upcoming third Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War. The duo have slowly taken over the Marvel Cinematic Universe since their superheroic directorial debut on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and are now slated to helm both Infinity War and its currently-untitled sequel. The two have a clear grasp on what fans want from the MCU, so many are excited to see what the brothers have in store for us in the third Avengers installment.

Though the Russo Brothers have been dropping hints about the film left and right, from a recent look at location scouting to the film's crossover potential, fans have largely been left to speculate about the film's plot based on its name. We know that it will at least borrow from The Infinity Gauntlet comic series, and that Thanos will play a big role, but nobody knows what that could mean for the MCU (which tends to loosely adapt the Marvel comics). Luckily for fans, the Russo Brothers are still out there dropping hints -- this time, via a perplexing Facebook video.

The Russos took to their Facebook page to post a video of one prop's creation. It's a close up video that doesn't reveal much, similar to its infuriating caption: "Infinity prop..." Though all that's certain is that this is a closer look at a prop in Infinity War, that hasn't stopped fans from ardently discussing what it could be. Check out the video for yourself, below: 



No idea what you're looking at? We'll help you out. This looks very much like footage of a 3D printer at work, particularly -- as one helpful commenter pointed out -- the Formlabs Form 2 Desktop 3D Printer. That technology would explain the multiple lasers in use, as well as the amber liquid. Whether the Form 2 is the exact technology in play definitely affects the kind of prop this could be, as the desktop-sized printer can only produce smaller items. If the Russos are using a larger 3D printer, it follows that we would be looking at a larger prop.

Though its size is still unclear, the shape of the prop is certainly intriguing. With its intricate spikes and lines, it almost looks like an Asgardian accessory, or perhaps an intergalactic device. Some fans think this could be footage of the Infinity Gauntlet itself, but if the film is even borrowing a little bit from the comics, that prop will likely be a glove-like costume piece. Still, any theory holds weight here, as the MCU is (in)famous for borrowing comics' premises and reshaping them for the screen.

No matter what, the chance to watch the creation of an Infinity War prop is a welcome one, and to know that the filmmakers are using 3D printers in this production. The 3D printer has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of art direction in filmmaking, but we scarcely hear about the technology, much less get to see it in action. Can you tell what kind of 3D printer this is, or have any better ideas as to what it could be reproducing? Feel free to shed some light on this befuddling video in the comments below.

Source: The Russo Brothers

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