Infinity War Directors Update Facebook Cover Photo With Hawkeye Fan Poster

Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo change their Facebook cover photo to a fan-made Hawkeye poster. Since marketing for the forthcoming movie started, it's become more and more obvious that the team's resident marksman has been kept out of promo materials with the release of several trailers, licensed artcharacter posters, and tie-in merchandise. Bar the generic-looking toy bow and arrow set, no other clues point to Clint taking part in the forthcoming film despite being on the official cast list. For weeks, the original Avengers member has been the butt of online jokes and it looks like now, even the Russo brothers have joined the fun.

Bringing together almost all heroes in the franchise, it's an interesting notion to keep Hawkeye from any marketing for what's dubbed the beginning of the culmination of everything that has transpired in the MCU for the past 10 years. Safe to say, we'll eventually learn why Marvel Studios decided on ditching him in any promos, but for now, the Russos seem to be having fun with the commotion brought about by the situation.

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Taking to their official Facebook, the Russos changed their header to a hilarious fan-made poster of Infinity War featuring mostly Hawkeye. The one-sheet used is originally created by digital artist BossLogic and replaces every single face in the ensemble poster with various Clint faces and poses, only leaving Thanos as he is. The filmmakers didn't caption the change, but that didn't stop fans from commenting. Some said they'd watch this Hawkeye v. Thanos film, while others asked where Ant-Man/Scott Lang is. Check it out below.

Chances are Hawkeye won't be prominently featured in Infinity War, similar to Ant-Man and Captain Marvel (the latter of whom is not appearing at all in the upcoming flick). But the Russos have promised that whoever gets the shorter end of the stick in Avengers 3, will be front and center for its sequel. Clint is expected to take on the mantle of ruthless Ronin in Avengers 4 as seen in leaked set photos showing the actor sporting a shorter hairdo and new suit. The reason he assumes the persona is currently unknown, be we have a couple of ideas as to why he'd do so. However it pans out, it's a great thing that the filmmakers are devoting a personal story arc to the marksman in the fourth Avengers film considering he's mostly been cast aside in the previous MCU films he's appeared in.

With the massive task of tying together the overarching narrative of the MCU via Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, the Russos (who team up again with writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely) seem to be confident with the work they've done considering they can poke fun at the projects. Right after the second full trailer for the movie dropped, the brothers jokingly asked about the location of the Soul Stone - the remaining Infinity Gem that hasn't appeared in any of the MCU films to date. And now, they take their gags to a higher notch by using a Hawkeye-full poster on their Facebook page.

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Source: Russo Brothers/Facebook

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