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Avengers Infinity War Audio Commentary

Avengers: Infinity War is now on digital, which not only means Marvel fans around the world can watch the film as much as they please, but that there's a wealth of new information from the special features and directors' commentary. The digital release is loaded with extras for the Marvel faithful to learn more about Marvel Studios' nineteenth film. Whether its deleted scenes, gag reels, or making-of featurettes, there's a ton of bonus content to explore. However, it is the audio commentary that provides the most insight into the film.

The audio commentary for Avengers: Infinity War consists of directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely discussing the film in depth throughout the two and a half hour run time. All four filmmakers have been readily asking questions since the film's release, but there's still a lot more to be revealed from their discussion.

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Everything from alternate versions of the story to Easter eggs are discussed by the four gentlemen, and we've compiled the best parts of what they said into one comprehensive article.

Kenneth Branagh's Opening Voice Cameo Confirmed

Right from the start, the crew discusses Avengers: Infinity War's opening voiceover. As some observant viewers had already noticed, the voice issuing the Asgardian distress signal asking for help against Thanos' attack is a familiar one to the MCU, but not in the way some expect. The Russos say they wanted someone with a great and commanding voice, but it wasn't until late in post-production that they thought about asking Thor director Kenneth Branagh to play the part. He accepted the job and winds up kicking off the magnificent spectacle.

Why We Didn't See Xandar

Right from the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos' power was on full display, partially thanks to him already having the Power Stone locked into his Infinity Gauntlet. It is later explained that Thanos acquired his first Infinity Stone a week before the events of Infinity War, but fans have long wondered why they didn't get to see the attack on Xandar. Throughout the scripting process, this idea was floated around but Markus says it was too similar to the Knowhere sequence, "It was a place where Thanos and Gamora encountered each other. But the fact of the matter is, you know exactly what... If Thanos went to Xandar to get that Stone, you know what happened. There was a big battle and he got it." At the end of the day, McFeely said there was nothing new that Xandar could bring to the movie so it had to go.

Infinity War Started Development Before They Knew Ragnarok's Ending

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its long-form storytelling and planned out approach. However, not everything is as scripted as some may believe. McFeely touched on this when he discussed the development of Avengers: Infinity War and how the early start of this film was different from past installments. When they started to craft the story for this film and Avengers 4, they had the jump on Thor: Ragnarok, which didn't even have a script. This means a few different ideas were discussed to open up the film, prior to them knowing where Ragnarok ended and how they could use it to continue telling the story.

Thor Plot Hole Resolved

One of the benefits to Marvel's shared universe is the ability for other films to tie up loose ends or resolve plot holes from previous films. Avengers: Infinity War had connections to several older MCU movies, but it was a Thor/Avengers plot hole that they actually resolved early on. Heimdall uses dark magic at the beginning to transport Hulk to Earth. As discussed by Markus, this connects to Thor's transportation to Earth in The Avengers after the bi-frost was destroyed in Thor. The use of dark magic was the explanation for Thor's travels before but it was rather vague, now we actually get to see how the dark magic was used.

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Hulk Isn't Scared Of Thanos

One of the most debated character arcs of Avengers: Infinity War is Hulk's. After an early tussle with Thanos, the Green Goliath refuses to come out for the rest of the film, with Bruce Banner struggling time and again to call on his other half. This has been chalked up to Hulk being scared of Thanos after their bout, but Joe Russo said this isn't the case; it's much more about Hulk being tired of having to be Banner's backup (although, given he's spent the past two years in control, that doesn't quite make sense either).

No Sh*t Sherlock Joke

Marvel movies are also known for their humor, sometimes featuring jokes that are very on the nose. One of the most requested lines for Avengers: Infinity War to have was for either Robert Downey Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch to say, "No sh*t, Sherlock" in a nod to both actors having played the famous detective. However, the writers and directors weren't interested in making this joke because they thought it was too easy of a joke to make. So not only is this line not in Infinity War, but don't expect this stance to change if Iron Man and Doctor Strange have another interaction in Avengers 4.

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