Disney is reportedly planning to debut new details for Avengers: Infinity War at D23 next weekend. Marvel Studios is currently riding high thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming proving the partnership with Sony is working, but their attention must quickly turn to promoting their films. In consecutive weeks, Marvel Studios will have a major presence at D23 and San Diego Comic-Con. While the latter has been their home for big announcements before, Disney is going toe-to-toe with SDCC by putting their own convention just a week prior.

This scheduling has made many wonder what differences (if any) there will be between the two conventions and the announcements made. If there is any repeat, it will be SDCC that will hurt with D23 up first, and it appears the studio is looking to drop new Infinity War details at their convention first.

Twitter account MCU News & Tweets has relayed information from the official D23 Expo mobile app that states there will be a special event that will be used to “unveil never-before-seen details” for Infinity War. The presence of Marvel Studios was previously confirmed, but there was no official confirmation that next year’s team-up would be featured.

Marvel has yet to announce the full, official cast list for the movie, so that could be one detail that they could feel comfortable revealing. Most of the cast has already been confirmed via set photos or interviews, but further supporting characters and some new appearances could be confirmed here if a cast list is announced. A new logo or synopsis are both options that could be welcomed at this point, but neither would likely match the level of detail that fans are hoping for.

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Kevin Feige has already said that an official trailer for Infinity War should not arrive until later this year, but that does not mean Marvel Studios can’t show something. In previous years at D23, Marvel has unveiled exclusive concept art to those in attendance that offer up glimpses of what will be shown in motion. They could have something similar planned for Infinity War that teases some of these details or moments from the film.

Ultimately, it may be best for fans not to get their hopes up for whatever details this could be teasing. If something shocking like new cast members, confirming the role of Peter Dinklage, or footage is revealed, then it will be all the more surprising. And if not, then there is no feeling of disappointment based on whatever is shown. Hopefully, though, these mysterious details will come and be worth the wait.

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Source: MCU News & Tweets

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