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Infinity War's ending is very much a set-up for MCU's changing of the guards come Avengers 4. While writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely insist that all deaths in the films are permanent, it's difficult to believe that up and coming faces of the franchise like Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther won't even get to flesh out their characters. It doesn't make sense in the grand scheme of things as it would cancel out the world building that the MCU has done in Phase 2 and 3.  Chances are that there will be some sort of situation flip where the original Avengers find a way to rectify the predicament and revive their contemporaries, but it's not going to be without some sacrifices from the principal heroes to preserve the integrity of the two-parter.

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In hindsight, it's a more poetic way of passing on the mantle rather than just seeing the older cast die the conventional heroic way -  leaving the new ones to move on with their lives. If Tony Stark decides to give up his life to resurrect Peter Parker because the younger hero can do so much more, or Steve Rogers sacrifices himself to give Bucky, now known as the White Wolf, another chance at life to make amends for all the sins he's done while under the thumb of HYDRA, their deaths would be forever part of the surviving heroes respective arcs, providing them the motivation and inspiration to do the best they could considering what other people had to give up to allow them to continue living. In the bigger MCU picture, this is also a great way to give the imminent major deaths have an impact beyond Avengers 4 as these heroes will somehow continue to live via their counterparts.

However the Russos and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely decided to wrap-up the MCU's 22-film arc, it'll be interesting to see how it launches the up and coming new Avengers. While Avengers: Infinity War and Avenger 4 are being marketed as the "end" for the franchise, the film series will continue past Phase 3 with several projects already on the docket. What's curious to know is how the events of these two epic blockbusters will forever change the MCU's long-established status quo.

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