Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art Shows Vormir, Wakanda & More

The many locations featured in Avengers: Infinity War are on display in the latest concept art. Marvel Studios pulled off their most ambitious effort yet with Infinity War dominating the box office. After ten years of movies all connected to each other, the arrival of Thanos brought all corners of the universe together. Even though this movie has been in the works for years, changes to the story were made over time as the rest of the MCU took shape.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were able to crack the concept by putting Thanos at the forefront. They structured the film as a smash and grab heist film from the perspective of the Mad Titan, and that design allowed the film to visit several locations over its 2 hour and 30 minute runtime.

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Concept artist Sean Hargreaves (via CBM) has shared his contributions to Avengers: Infinity War in the form of several pieces of concept art. Most of his designs come from depicting the various locations that the team-up film featured. The art below features looks at Wakanda, New York, Vormir, and Thanos' final resting place.

These pieces of concept art are rather stunning and give fans a great look at how closely the final product followed the designs. Vormir and Wakanda are two of the bigger locations for Infinity War, but there's only so much Hargreaves could do to change the look that Ryan Coogler established in Black Panther. Vormir was a blank slate from a design standpoint, and while it isn't clear at one point in the development process Hargreaves was involved, his depiction of Vormir is incredibly close to how it actually looks in the movie.

The biggest difference from the actual movie that comes out of these designs is Captain America (Chris Evans) in his traditional look. Steve's costume is nowhere close to the battle-worn one he actually sports in the movie. Additionally, he also has his regular shield. Based on that, these could've been made many years ago. The ending to Captain America: Civil War saw Steve give up the shield after Tony Stark called him out. Cap instead gets two new shield gauntlets in Infinity War, so this is the biggest deviation from what is shown here and how it actually came to be in the movie. That is a rather small change though, so all in all these are movie accurate designs.

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Source: Sean Hargreaves [via CBM]

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