Infinity War Art Images Show Steve Rogers' Nomad Look & Bucky's Short Hair

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Early Avengers: Infinity War artwork shows off a different look for Steve Rogers/Captain America and Bucky Barnes/The White Wolf (formerly The Winter Soldier). One of the most iconic MCU duos, the two's friendship stood the test of time as they finally found themselves both on the same side when Earth's Mightiest Heroes gallantly fought Thanos and his minions.

By the end of Infinity War, the best buds were once again separated as Bucky was snuffed out of existence following the Mad Titan's deadly snap, while Steve, alongside his original Avenger teammates, were spared, effectively setting them up for one final showdown with Thanos come Avengers 4. Specific narrative details with regard to the Phase 3 capper are still scant at the moment, with Marvel Studios intentionally keeping information tightly under wraps before official marketing for the film begins. But while everyone is hotly anticipating what would go down in next year's ensemble flick, new illustrations revealing different looks for the men out of time can keep fans busy at the moment.

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Courtesy of Twitter user @eiji_enzy1641 (via Marvelous Realm) is a collection of early concept art from Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War - The Art of the Movie book offering fans alternative looks to Nomad Captain America and Bucky. Other than Steve's and Bucky's looks, the gallery also includes concept art of Spider-Man fighting Outriders to save an unconscious Doctor Strange. A version of this scene made it in the movie during the New York-set battle but without the involvement of the Outriders. Check out the illustrations below:

While there are still hints of Rogers' suit in this latest artwork, it deviated too much from his iconic costume to the point that it looks nothing more than an ordinary person's clothes with very minimal Captain America references. Since the Secret Avengers were supposed to be on the run and operating underground, standing out was the last thing any one of them wanted to do. But if Black Widow and Falcon can retain their original battle suits, Cap can as well. The fact that the three didn't totally overhaul their looks, but just made minor changes, emphasized how they had to be innovative just to get by. One thing seems certain though, Marvel Studios was really planning on giving Cap facial hair right from the start.

Bucky's look, on the other hand, isn't that different from how he appeared in Avengers: Infinity War. Other than his brand new Vibranium arm from T'Challa and a shorter hairdo, he pretty much looked the same. Whether or not the haircut is a visual interpretation of him returning to his old good self is unknown, but that's a pretty nifty way to document his progress. It's curious if Marvel Studios will opt to ultimately give him a shorter style when he's back from being turned into dust and onto his brand new adventure with Sam in the planned limited series for Disney's own streaming service, Disney Play.

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Source:  @eiji_enzy1641 (via Marvelous Realm)

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